Not falling

No motivation tonight to get things done before class. And got sidetracked trying to help Theresa’s little brother retrieve a toy that he’d gotten stuck in something. Any guys who came in also got sidetracked on it, which led to a pile-up of guys trying to get it out. One of the guys, who has really freaky long fingers, finally was able to get it out. I did eventually get an alphabet on each arm done, but that was the extent of it. (Kneel and put your hands on a towel or something that will slide around on the floor. On one arm, push down on the floor through your shoulder; while pushing down, slide your hand around to write the alphabet.)

Small class, mostly white belts. Started with rolling, with Theresa. Then Blue Belt Buddy waved me over. He was working his bottom half guard again, so I couldn’t pass and got swept a lot, but seemed to mostly recover well enough. He had a couple of slick passes to my back, too, so I defended from there for a while. Then everyone ran away from Justin, and everyone ran away from me, so that meant I got to roll with Justin. And I don’t think I was too horrible. Some pressure, some passing. Need to hit the hitchhiker escape a bit earlier, because I keep getting stuck just before I’m out. But he played with me, and caught and released a lot, and let me play from his back a few times. I also need to keep track of my elbows more and keep them a lot tighter, because he was getting crazy kimuras from all sorts of angles; most he let me work out of. I feel sometimes like I’m in position, but then as soon as I move for a submission — even though I don’t think I change position — boom, he’s out. Not sure if it’s because I don’t quite have the position and am moving for the submission too soon, or if I’m moving and changing my position when going for the submission.

Drilling was another side control to mount pass, then head-and-arm choke from mount. Drilled with Theresa. At least the choke wasn’t so bad tonight. Last night, from side control, she was usually choking me with her small pointy shoulder before she stepped over, and so I tried to hold out until she was in position before tapping. That was miserable. (And if she thought I was having trouble, she’d go slower, thinking that would alleviate the pressure. No, actually, that makes it worse…)

Then rolling. I ran to get my mouthpiece (1. want to practice with it before the tournament and 2. in case I got a spazzy white belt). Only took a second, but when I turned back, everyone had once again avoided Justin and no one was waiting on me… which meant I got a second round with Justin. I am not complaining. You guys don’t want him, I’ll gladly take him. Continued as before, which meant that, while I felt a little slow (and it’s hard not to when he’s a blur zipping around you), I didn’t feel dumb too often. He let me work out of almost everything so long as I could do it right. I even found the move of the night once when he let me to side control, which earned me a laugh. He let me work from side control and mount for a while, too. I even tried one of the techniques from Purple Belt Requirements, in the seminar footage on the second DVD, that I only vaguely remember. It’s kind of a flying tucked-knee sweep to armbar, I think, or at least it is in my head. That earned me another laugh and an “I know what you’re trying to do.” But time was called all too soon.

Not sure if anyone will be at Open Mat tomorrow. We’ll see. Refuse to get stuck with white belt spazzes when no one is around to keep them in line.

I just remembered this, but one of the white belts was walking around after a roll earlier in the week, all excited. “I used that pass we learned a few weeks ago, and it worked!” Well, yes, dear, the techniques we learn in class do, in fact, work. That part of the class isn’t just so you can take a breather.

4 thoughts on “Not falling

  1. @Jodi: Well, mine refers more to my downward skid halting temporarily. 😛

    @Dev & Allie: It was one of the meathead, musclely white belts. These guys are shown the technique of the day, they drill it a couple of times, and then they just sit there looking around at everyone else. When it comes time to roll, they never use any technique because their ripping and snorting seems to accomplish what they want (or, when it doesn’t, they resort to more ripping and snorting). So, this guy was genuinely surprised, I think, to find that those piddly little techniquey things actually have a use besides letting him catch his breath. 😛

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