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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

on October 12, 2010

Got to have an adjustment with Dr. Tom tonight. Lovely. Then got in and started loosening up. Did a Tabata with jump rope. Not so intense, mostly because I suck at jump rope and so didn’t get too reps in each set. Oh, well.

Then Will got in early and dragged me in to the cage to roll. (Not that I was protesting much. Or, at all, actually.) Dunno how, but did something funky to my right hip, in the front, and it hurt all during class. *le sigh* Trying to get on top, but didn’t make it much of anywhere. He did let me on top eventually, and I worked on maintaining mount while going for chokes/submissions, the same place I was having trouble with him on Saturday. He’d upa, and I’d manage to base most every time. I don’t remember if he ever actually got an upa, or if he went to another mount escape. Which I couldn’t stop. I saw my foot get in a certain position, and he fell back for the foot lock every time. I eventually figured out what the position was, but he’d lull me in to thinking he wasn’t going to go for it, so I’d forget to move it, and then he’d go for it again.

Class started with rolling. With Theresa, then Will again. More of the same. He let me to mount again at one point, and so again on worked on keeping the position while still going for the cross-collar choke. Still didn’t move that foot out of danger in time, though I did notice it several times; just didn’t think fast enough. He gave me space to work, but I couldn’t do much with it. Still couldn’t get my arm back when he’d grab the sleeve and pull it deep so he could overhook; since I wouldn’t put my hands on the mat for him, he was getting the arm in the position he wanted. Lots of omoplatas from him.

Before drilling, we did partner shrimping. (We did that last night, too, but I forgot all about it.) Drilling was the same escape as last night, then added a sweep for if they whizzer hard and put their weight on you. Rolling, again with Theresa. Then with Scott. He set me up for that sweep several times, and I did manage to eek it out a few times, but immediately got swept right after. Almost almost got past his guard and to mount for reals, except right at the end I gave up on what was working and tried to muscle the last six inches. And got dumped right back on my butt. Well, that’ll learn me. *pout* Sometimes it’s annoying to always have to do everything the right way. Plastered the rest of the round.

Gah, this post is short, but took me about twice as long to write because The Incredibles is on 😉

Gear update.

I blame forgetting about it on The Incredibles again.

So, rolled in my new Vulkan UltraLight from MMA Outlet tonight. It’s soft and light: definite pluses. It folded up really tiny in my bag, so it would make a good travel gi. Despite being an A0, though, it’s still really big on me; mostly wide, too, so it won’t shrink in any useful way. The skirt is looong (at least on short lil me), but, because the material is so light and silky, the skirt slid out really easily and I ended up with my jacket over my head several times. The material is also a little stretchy, which makes it rather easy for your partner to get and keep good grips. (No idea yet if the stretchiness is permanent.)

Also, got my exchanged pairs of FighterGirl shorts. *le sigh* I really, really like their designs, and want to support them. But, I have trouble getting their shorts to fit because juniors sizes do not fit my hips. I originally ordered size 9s, since my last pair of 7s were too small… and the 9s were way too big. So I exchanged them for 7s… which are kind of too small. *headdesk* Must ponder.


3 responses to “Tuesday, October 12, 2010

  1. Li says:

    Nice blog. Great to hear from the perspective of another girl. 🙂

  2. Kintanon says:

    Do they not use the number between 7 and 9 for sizing over there? Seems like a 8 would be just what was called for…

  3. leslie says:

    @Li: Hi! And welcome to BJJ blogging 😛

    @Kintanon: They use “juniors” sizing instead of normal adult women’s sizing. (Odd numbers are juniors; even numbers are women’s.) So, basically, the shorts are sized for teeny-bopper girls who don’t have hips. They’re also cut to be looooow on the hips. I have to wear another pair of shorts under them so that I’m decent on the mat. But, I really like the designs and I want them to fit — and the first pair I got from there was cut wonderfully and fits perfectly — so I keep ordering more and hoping to find another pair like that one…

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