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It’s a boy!

on October 11, 2010

Kate has started a blog for her BJJ training. And she’s already got great news — a new, but experienced, guy who had no problem training with a girl showed up tonight, and she got to roll with him. That is super awesome! Having a guy who sees no problem training with women will be the easiest way for her, first, to get in some training of her own, and second, to get the other guys to see that she doesn’t bite and that she’s serious about training.

Got in early and did some extra warmup on my knees, using some of the physical therapy exercises from months ago. Couple of the drills from the beginning of Galvao’s book.

Justin’s been gone for the last week, out visiting Sundance in San Francisco. He got back today, though, and so was in class tonight. Hurray! He showed up in a shiny new Vulcan UltraLight, which is funny, because I just got bought one from MMA Outlet. Haven’t worn it yet, though I may have to give it a run now. (Rolling with it from the other side, it’s really soft.) Once he got loosened up, we rolled for about 15 minutes. He kept saying he was tired from all the travelling and had nothing — and I could tell that he wasn’t quite himself — but wow, I’d like a little bit of his ‘nothing.’ 😛

Small class again tonight. Dunno what that’s all about. Started out rolling. With Theresa. Then with Scott. I know I’m supposed to work being on top with him, but he won’t just give it up. Doing better to remember positioning on bottom half guard, though, and even had a few things almost resembling sweeps, but he’d get his base back and pressure back in to me before I could come up. Afterwards, he pointed out a grip he kept getting — reaching around to grab the back of my belt — which is a fantastic grip for him to get leverage on me, so he told me not to let him get that.

Drilling was scrape/escape from mount. Drilled with Theresa, then one roll with her. Final roll with Guillaume. I just wanted to get on top like Scott said, but he was leaving lots of space and openings, so I took them. Lots on top. Got crushed, at one point, by another pair landing on top of us. Did get to work that side control to knee-on-belly to baseball choke from Purple Belt Requirements.

Forgot to come up with anything to work on except that baseball choke. But did get to work it, so I suppose that’s good. Only one week left before training for the next tournament starts.


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