Losing it

I have a problem right now that I’d love to have the week before a tournament: I’m dropping weight. Fast. Four days ago I was 125; this morning, 120. Problem is, this isn’t the week before a tournament — it’s nearly 2 months before! I’m not doing it on purpose. I feel as if I’m eating the same. I eat until I feel full (and so get that slight delay in brain signals, and am slightly overfull afterwards). I’m not hungry between meals, and I’m still eating 5-6x/day — breakfast, (snack if hungry/tired/craving/whatever — have had), lunch, snack, pre-workout shake, and dinner. And it continues to fall right off. I suppose the good news is that 1) my favorite pants fit again (125 is just too much for them) and 2) I know I can make 124.5 for December.

For now, I’m blaming it on work. Stress city. It’s like trying to hit a moving target while blindfolded. Everything’s an emergency. Everything changes almost hour-to-hour. I can’t ever finish one item before I’m shuffled over to something else, and by the time I get back to the first item, it has to be revised because everything’s changed. Again. Now, I do like variety in what I’m working on, but I also like it to be variety of the stable sort, not variety of the running-around-like-chickens-with-our-heads-cut-off sort.

Kids’ Class

I usually take some time on Tuesday or Wednesday to come up with my plan for the kids’ class. But with work being so nuts this week, I haven’t had time. So I had to kind of cobble it together at nearly the last minute. It was not my best foray. And I didn’t remember to update the times in my schedule now that the class starts a half hour earlier. So I kept glancing at my watch and confusing myself about how much time we had left.

Perry and Gary were reassembling the puzzle mats, which is the side we normally have class on. But since the kids’ class now ends before the adult class starts, we could use the other side. … Which spelled more pressure for me, since that’s where my class congregates before class, so I knew they would be watching. (In the end, they actually all hung around just barely on the other side of the dividing wall, so I didn’t feel as if they were all staring at me and critiquing me. But I didn’t know that at first, and nearly psyched myself out expecting it. Ugh.)

And then the kids were in one of their moods. (I say it collectively because the three most driving it are related.) I at least had had the presence of mind to put ball balancing and sprawls at the end of class, since I know they like them. So even if they hated me the rest of the class, at least they’d go home happy. I still had to let them out 5 minutes early because I was getting ready to hurt somebody.

Nogi Class

Everyone comes on the first nogi night. Gi nights this week have been sparse.

I had to run and change out of my gi and missed the first minute or so of class. They started rolling, 4-minute timed rounds, so that left me with Theresa. Tim was rolling, too. I try to roll in the middle of the mat so that I can turn quickly and find another partner — I am trying — but there seems sometimes to be a big dead space around us when everyone goes to switch, and they all rotate around us and don’t make eye contact. :/ So rolled with her a second time. Third round, both of us walked in opposite directions and tried to find a partner, but they scattered. So we were together again…

Only this time, Tim saw us walk back together and asked if we had just rolled together twice. I said yes. So he made kind of an announcement, but made it seem targeted at us, loudly saying that he didn’t want us rolling together twice in a row and that we needed to find other partners. I think some of the guys will take it to mean that we (I) are just being lazy and only trying to roll together (not) and that they have to step in and “separate” us. Let them think what they will, as long as they roll with me.

So then Tim shuffled groups around quickly, and I got to roll with him for a round. Wow. Always, wow. Such pressure. Never any space. Fighting off my back most of the round, just trying to keep up and not panic. Oh, and tapping lots.

Then a round with Scott. Last night, he, PB Buddy, and I had had a short workshop on pinning your hip to theirs; Scott was saying that he’s been working to get hip-to-hip when passing, because once he’s there, he knows he’s past. So my goal then tonight — and paired with Kintanon’s comment about controlling the hips — was to keep his hips off of my hips. Not so much good, but then it was my first time and that’s been his goal for a few months now, but I did definitely feel how important that was. If I bumped from scarf hold and only tried to disrupt his upper body, I couldn’t do much, but if I could bump enough in to him that his hips had to move some, then I could see glimmers of space. So I tried to imagine targeting his hips when bumping, bridging, shrimping, etc., i.e., anytime I had to move him off me. Mostly, I wasn’t reacting quickly enough and was letting him get the position before trying to get him off, but then, that was mostly because I didn’t see where he was heading in time.

Then was partnered with Yoshi, who has apparently recently embraced open guard, deep half, and even some inverted. What?! Totally not what I’ve come to expect from him. So this means he’s working on some solid techniques to back up his speed and everything else, which means that soon I won’t get anywhere with him because he’ll be a total monster. I can see where he even slows down some with me and really works on isolating movements.

Then drilling. We moved away from the move-of-the-week tonight because Tim had sat out that last round and watched, and had seen one guy get in a certain position frequently but then be unable to do anything after that. So, this was for him. Single- or double-under pass. Drilled with Theresa.

Rolling. With Yoshi again. More crazy guards from him. Though, his knees were coming up more this time, and I got a few hooks in and a couple of sweeps, but only passed once. He scrambles too well. I had several “almost” things, where I was just short of making something work.

Last roll. More shuffling. A white belt hunter tried to get himself assigned to me (I think he’s getting antsy for his belt because of the guy who got promoted Monday), but Tim sent Guillaume over for me instead. I completely forgot about knee-on-belly to spinning armbar until I found myself up there and his elbow flaring. Um, okay, sure. Thanks! Did a few things mostly well, though found my hips rising up without permission several times.

Legs were a little stiff today, but don’t seem otherwise to be faring too badly from the Tabata yesterday. Of course, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to know for sure. (But then again, by the end it was mostly a cardio and mental battle, with a few jumps thrown in. So maybe not too bad.)

Not sure if I’ve ever found this before, but looks too good not to post somewhere: Global Training Report’s Jiu-Jitsu Training in Rio de Janeiro Summer 2006. Haven’t had time to go through it yet, though.


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  1. Now that Tim has made that announcement, would it be inappropriate for you to ask another pair to switch with you if you find yourself with Theresa for more than one round? Maybe I’m overstepping my boundaries as a white belt, but I do that sometimes when I find myself left with someone I’ve rolled with before (and we have the specific instructions to “find someone new,” although usually the coach does it for us when he sees the two of us standing there awkwardly). Also, is he aware that you’re trying to find new people, but Theresa (and thus you, her partner) are avoided? If you’re not afraid of being “the loud one”, shout someone’s name right when they break up with their partner. That way they can’t just pretend not to see you. Or maybe Tim just needs to have a talk with all the “men” and drill it into their heads that Theresa is one of their teammates too, and they all need to work with her.

    Yeah…I kind of had to work on my “finding partner” skills when I got left as the odd one out all the time =(

    How’s the situation with the mean boys coming?

  2. @Aparna and Leslie
    I will flat out ORDER people to swap partners with me if I have rolled with someone once already in a night, especially if I’ve rolled twice with the same person. Maybe I can get away with it because I’m a senior blue belt, but it never hurts to try. Just throw out the ol, “Hey will you guys swap partners with us? We need to get in some rounds with different people.”

    Also, glad some of my comments are helping. I’ve been thinking about hip control since I posted that and should have a nice article coming up on it today since work is slower than dirt for us right now.

  3. I often end up losing weight when things at work go crazy. I find I simply forget to eat lunch. I am writing code listening to what is going on in meetings and trying to make people understand downstream impacts all at the same time. Next thing I know the day is over and I should have left 15 min ago. Recently I have blocked 30 min per day on my calendar to ensure I eat something and step away from my desk for sanity sake.

  4. @Aparna: Now that he’s said that, I think I’ll feel better about asking a pair to split up. I hope. I still feel as if I’m interrupting their training if they have to roll with either of us. :/ Or, often, there isn’t a single pair that I can split so both of us have a good training partner. So, we’ll see how it goes…

    @Kintanon: *sigh* I guess part of it is this whole funk I’ve been in. I’m worried that rolling with me isn’t a good enough roll for anyone else, and so I don’t want to impose on them and hinder their own training. So if they offer to roll with me, I’ll gladly take them up on it. But if they don’t, then I don’t want to bother them.

    @BJJJudo: Heh, I am all too aware of the clock and how slowly it moves during the day. I would love to take some time away from my desk, but I’m often having to work through lunch. I did actually get away from the office on both Thursday and Friday for lunch, and that break really did help.

  5. @Leslie: I will roll with literally anyone that steps on the mats. I’ve rolled with 12 year old kids on their first day. You can ALWAYS roll in a way that helps your development and theirs. If your gym is full of people that only know how to learn when they are going 100% on each other then your instructor is leaving out some fundamental bits and pieces of what rolling is for. Some Brazilian instructors are like that though, they want people to discover things instead of being shown them… I’m the opposite I want to shortcut everyone to getting as good as possible as fast as possible so I tend to pass on all of the tricks I learned coming up. There is a HUGE amount to be learned from working with someone who is smaller and weaker than you are and the other people at your gym are missing out on the opportunity to learn that because they aren’t rolling with you.

  6. @Kintanon: I’ll roll with anyone who I don’t think will hurt me. But I think we have a bunch of guys who are afraid to lose (that whole 18-22-year-old, college student bunch) and who don’t yet understand how “losing” or even rolling slower helps them, despite our instructors explaining it and telling them to do it.

    I think there’s a lot that goes in one ear and straight back out the other among this bunch.

  7. Once you said the “I’ll roll with anyone who I don’t think will hurt me” thing, it’s understandable that it would be hard to find someone good for both you and Theresa. I also understand not wanting to be a bad training partner for someone else (lately I’ve been feeling guilty about that, too). The thing is, there HAD to have been a point when they were not good training partners, either. For them to completely forget that is A) lame and B) selfish. Furthermore, you don’t seem to constantly use the same person, and while you train with Theresa they’re still training with other people, so it’s not like you’re monopolizing their time. You, however, are hindering your own progress by short-changing yourself and what you deserve. In a way (and now I’m going to try and guilt you), you’re doing them a disservice by not doing everything you can to get better and become a better training partner.

    (yes, that last part was complete BS but if that kind of twisted thinking is what you need to insist on getting what you deserve, so be it.)

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