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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

on October 5, 2010

So, got in early as usual tonight. I brought my notebook and Drill to Win and worked through several of the first-week, single-person drills. (I think I finally sorted out how to do the back loosening. At least to one side. I fall over halfway through to the other side. Doh.) Tried the turtle jumps using a piece of equipment from the side, but my knees did two jumps sideways and then refused to support any more of that. Oh. Okay. I had to brace both of them tonight, a compression brace on the right and a wrap-around brace on the left (because it’s stiffer and won’t let my knee bend or straight quite all the way). Bah.

So then I went right in to a Tabata with jump squats, 20s on/10s off. O. M. G. By the 2nd round, my legs were burning. By the end of the 4th, I couldn’t feel them at all. Jumps got further and further apart. My knees were fine with this; it was side-to-side they didn’t like. Still had 40 minutes before class, so I just rested and stretched a little.

Class started with specific sparring from the back again. I worked with Theresa. Then we reviewed the two chokes from last night and then rather briefly went over the armbar from the back. Drilling took most of class.

Two rolls, first with Theresa and then with Purple Belt Buddy. Dropped myself straight in to a triangle; recovered quickly enough to get the other arm in, but it didn’t really matter — he just moved to the armbar. Doh. He let me start a couple of times coming in to top half. I did have a little transition series going on in there at one point between pulling the far lapel around for a choke, Ezekiel, and far-side americano. A couple tries at the Big Poppa choke in there, too, but he got a frame under my shoulders and I couldn’t get around or through it; he said afterwards that he was defending those hard since we had drilled them last Saturday. Recognized an omoplata setup and tried to roll, but this time he already had my legs controlled. I did stay on top a fair bit, and he also said I’d had good pressure there.

So at work today, we started off with an irate customer accusing us of incompetence, etc. I wasn’t in the meeting, but heard fall-out from it. In part of the phone system, callers take a survey with three options: yes, no, and don’t know. Answering “don’t know” is supposed to generate a flag, meaning the caller is not doing what they’re supposed to be doing (and they’ll get a call and a stern talking to. No joke.). However, the flag wasn’t happening, and the customer testing group was furious and apparently had a lot of not-nice things to say about us. (Even though this code was written by the previous company, not by us.) So one of the developers got put on the case. Took him a little while, but he finally found it — a typo. When the answer was created, it was entered as “dont know” (no apostrophe). But when the system went to find it to flag it, it looked for “don’t know” (with apostrophe). Not the same thing; ergo, no flag.

And then my work couldn’t be finished — even though it’s relevant to testing that bug — because I had to help someone else with his tests, and he wasn’t set up properly to do it and couldn’t follow the instructions written in the test (which I wrote). Cue repeated *headdesk*.


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