Thursday, September 30, 2010

At work today we went out to the Chinese buffet. I think I ate more food in that one meal than I’ve had in the whole previous week, wow. The good thing about not eating for a week is that I lost a couple of pounds and am below 125 again for the first time in a while. Well, was below 125. 😛 I don’t think the buffet did me any favors.

Got to class early and started working on Galvao’s book. I realized in looking through it tonight that there’s a whole lot that involves a partner. Hmm. But no one else is there early anymore to work with. Oh, well. I can pick a couple of things from later in the book and start working them in during class. Did ball pushups today. Hard! Finally moved the ball up against something to stop it from rolling out from under me. (I know, that’s part of the point, but I’m not up to that level yet. Baby steps. And still hard, because it’s an unsteady surface.)

Justin got there about 15 minutes before class, loosened up, and asked if I wanted to roll. Yes, always! Started slow, then picked up the pace. He let me work out of nearly everything and caught & released a lot. I escaped some things, only to find that I was in a worse position. Doh, should’ve known. Got a nice pace going, I thought, and got very much nice and warmed up.

And then it turned out to be a very good thing that I was all warmed up, because I drew Uncle MMA for my first round. He’s a guy who’s always talking about which MMA fighters his uncle and friends have met, though I don’t recall him mentioning that he himself has ever met any. And he’s always talking about what he’s watched or read — has an opinion on everything, too — and he’s a rubber guard apostle (even though he has no clue what he’s doing). He “teaches” variations on moves to other white belts during drilling and after class. So pretty much everything annoying wrapped up in to one package. As soon as I saw that I was stuck with him, I went for my mouthpiece.

I think he thought he had to go easy on the little girl, because there were times when he scarcely moved, just tensed up and tried to hold still. To his credit, he wasn’t nearly as spazzy as I’ve seen him be, except when he thought he had an easy RNC. But I quickly disabused him of the notion of that choke and of trying to spazz on me. I swept him multiple times and tried many, many guillotines (I think he stopped breathing on one, but then followed that with a little Hulk action). I think I needed to be higher up on his body before throwing them, though; my arm never quite seemed to get as deep as I wanted. (He is a foot taller than me, so all he’d do most of the time was posture up, and I couldn’t reach.) Never could quite finish anything, though. I had one sweep that was perfect and awesome and would have landed me in mount with one arm trapped… except I would have had to toss him off the mat to finish it. I noticed when I got halfway through, and so sighed and settled back down and turned to move him away from the edge.

I felt as if I was moving okay, but not with even the intensity level that I normally have. I felt… flat. Felt that way all night, too. Grr.

Another round, with Sara. Drilling was the same escape from last night. Drilled with Theresa, then one round rolling with her.

Then got to roll with James, the purple belt from Florida. He’s been here for a while now, and I haven’t gotten a chance to roll with him yet. He rolls similarly to Will, lots of half and deep half. One really sweet roll through where I thought he was going for my legs, so I kind of waited and got ready to defend them… and then he came out on my back. Hey, how you’d get there?! He said afterwards that he was working hard to not use size and strength to simply steamroll me (always appreciated), and then said that that had been one of the most fun rolls he’s had here yet. Oh, good. He said, too, that there hadn’t been many girls at his gym in Florida and said I was the highest-ranked girl he’d ever rolled with.

Best job ad question ever: A brief essay (200 words or fewer) on the following topic: What is your favourite punctuation mark or grammatical convention, and why?

Although, I would have trouble with this one. I like them all (and you’ll notice I use a lot of them, too — and not always “correctly,” as the style guides say, but I do at least try to be consistent and not just slap them all over the place [I know the rules; therefore, I can break them :P]). Though, the em dash might be in the lead. I am rather fond of him and use him frequently. But the colon is coming along as a favorite, and I’ve been using him a lot more frequently in the last year.

Or I could defend the serial comma. Love him. Loathe people who don’t use one, because it always feels as if I was running along nicely and then hit a brick wall at the end of the sentence without that last comma to slow my speed. I’m a little blank on other “conventions,” but I will say that a well-formatted document is my best friend, and that a poorly formatted document (especially one that abuses style sheets) makes me think very ill of a person, as do badly designed templates.

And since we’re on the subject of grammar et al, our project manager had a great misplaced modifier today: “This morning, I saw a skunk walking the dog.”


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  1. Guillotine Finish Tip: When you have the head and you feel like you can’t get the grip deep enough you need to escape your hips to the side AWAY from their head. So if you have your right arm wrapped around their neck you need to escape your hips to the LEFT. It’s stupidly hard for little people like us to finish guillotines flat on our back. We just lack the arm strength to power through them. So get over on your side, lock your hands up, and push your choking arms fist up to your chin.

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