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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

on September 29, 2010

Kids’ Class

I’m gonna strangle me some kids… No, not really, but they really are trying to push my buttons. One of them is determined to be the teacher’s pet, and this teacher is equally determined not to let that happen.

Today we did takedowns, to get a break from all the guard work. Changed the warmup slightly so that we were practicing ball balancing and sprawling on the balls. Then we started with breakfalls. I dragged out a folded mat from the back, thinking it would provide some cushioning — but that mat was hard as a rock! Slightly better than the puzzle-matted concrete, but not by terribly much.

Ah, breakfalls. I’ve taught these before in TKD, so I was comfortable with this. I tried to have them start crouched or on their knees, as appropriate, but as soon as I said the words “later we’ll start from standing,” they were all over that. So, most everything was from standing. Kids are fearless; it’s adults you have to bring along slowly, lol. They got those pretty good. Two had seen them before in TKD; the other three hadn’t been there long enough yet.

More ball balancing (hmm, didn’t think that through too much — but they seemed to really like doing it, so they didn’t get bored; that’s good). Then we ran through a couple of takedowns scenarios, starting with the backwards trip. I’ve started having them all work on me, since they tend to get careless and smack each other, and someone’s not paying attention so it hits them in the eye, so then they start crying, so then the one who hit them starts making excuses, and on and on. Or they giggle and can’t do it seriously. Just a mess. But when they drill on me, they seem to pay attention better and try harder. (Although, now I have to corral the non-drillers, since they’re starting to get out of hand.) Then I had Theresa show them how to pull guard and then how to do a basic double-leg takedown, and then let them all do it on me again.

Ended with a game of ball sprawls — stand in a circle and roll the ball to anyone else. They have to sprawl on it, and then it’s their turn to roll. They all seem to like it when I’m a participant with them.

Nogi class

Starting next Wednesday, the kids’ class will move a half hour earlier, so I won’t have to miss the first half of my class.

When I got in there tonight, they were rolling. Since Theresa and I were both late, I pulled her out on the mat. But I’d hardly pulled guard when Tim called time. But so that the two of us could roll, Tim called for one more and put me with Will. Useless against his open guard again, and his butterfly, too, tonight. Overall felt better than last night, but still not very good. I’ve done better.

Then drilled the same back escape from last night. Worked with Theresa and Sarah. Justin showed me how to first guard the neck, then grab the hands and push them down/out so that there’s more space created inside their arms (rather than just push on the elbow as I was doing, which cleared very little space). Infinitely easier to escape with that.

Then on the wall. (Rats.) 10 burpees, squat jump, 10 pushups, squat jump. Repeat down and back. My hips were burning very quickly. Then as we finished up, Tim partnered us with someone who finished around the same time. That left me with Condescending Blue Belt, who complained about how much his legs hurt & how tired he was… and then proceeded to try to rip my head off. He was puffing and wheezing 10 seconds in because he gets a death grip and then tries to squeeze and muscle everything. I just waited him out until he tried to transition, and then escaped. I just defend against him and never bother attacking because I feel that he’s just a hair away from becoming wild and dangerous and that he would overreact if I ever tried to attack. That, and he’s so desperate and clingy and gripping and tense that there isn’t much room to do anything, even though I’m not usually in much danger. I noticed today, even when he got me to spots that are usually trouble with anyone else, he wasn’t really doing anything that was threatening, just grabbing and squeezing and wheezing. Oh, okay.

Last thing — 50 pushups. Oi. My arms hurt already. I had to back my feet up against the wall so that I wouldn’t slide when doing them. And then I lost count somewhere around 35 or so. Doh. I was doing them in sets of 5, so I did one extra set just to be sure.

Still not hungry, though Spaghetti-Os seem to go down without much trouble. But then there’s no nutrition at all.

It’s a big day for one of our clients — they finally upgraded from IE6 to IE7.


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