Monday, September 27, 2010

Barring interruptions (which there will be, I’m sure), my task at work this week is to parse a 900-page document and figure out if it covers all the testing area for one small part of the system. And if it’s correct. Already, it’s failing in both. Wonderful. That means I have to rewrite it. *le sigh*

So, the first disease moved out by late Friday. I trained Saturday morning. Then a head cold got a grip on me Saturday afternoon/night, so I was in bed the rest of the weekend and going through boxes of tissues. Bah. My head’s all stuffy, and it aches, and I can’t seem to stop coughing. Also, I haven’t eaten much since Thursday. I’m just not hungry or very interested in food. I try, but nothing is appealing.

And of course I headed to class tonight. Hey, you don’t read this blog for the common sense approach to life, jiu-jitsu, and everything. 😉 (42! Wait, what?) Kids, don’t try this at home.

Tim texted me to say he was in early, so I finished things off at work and zoomed over to the academy. We got in a 30-40 minute roll. He was going light and letting me work through a couple of sweeps and even finish a couple of chokes, which is all I seemed to be going for in gi (and which annoys me once I get to nogi — I want big lapels! The better to choke you with!). I will note this — in recent weeks, I seem to be actually attacking on purpose. That’s a good thing. I did one thing that was brilliant, and I noted it at the time… and now I’ve forgotten exactly what it was! I know I had side control or top half; I got his far lapel and around for a choke; whichever choke I went for, he had defended. I didn’t even consciously decide, but I moved the lapel and switched something and went right in to a different choke. Hey! What’s this?! Apparently there’s still a spark of intelligence in that stuffed-up head of mine.

It is, however, always a little disconcerting to be rolling with higher belts, especially black belts, who are going slow and letting you work. Part of my brain is always thinking, “Well, this choke’s open, so I’ll set it up. But I wonder how he’ll get out.” And then he doesn’t, and he lets me work through it, and my brain goes *tilt*.

Still, the illnesses and the injuries were fighting me every step, and I was thinking several times that this was really not a good idea. I was breathing hard in no time, mostly because my air passages are clogged. Oxygen good. Want. My elbow is still tweaked, and it got in danger a couple of times. My blasted big toe is still completely opposed to all bending and pushing off.

Still about 15 minutes left before class, but someone had come in and wanted to talk to Tim. I took the opportunity to get water — and oxygen! — and stretch a little. But the guy took Tim’s attention for the rest of the time and even some in to class.

Warmup?! My breath was rattling in the back of my throat. No is fun. Thankfully, it wasn’t too long, though, and then we partnered up to roll. With Theresa.

Drilling was a back escape (Saulo’s “scoop” escape, in fact). Move of the week. I like it.

Three 2-minutes rounds of specific sparring, starting with someone on your back. Worked with Theresa, Blue Belt Buddy, and Theresa again.

One more round of rolling, with Theresa.

The guys stayed to do kettlebells swings, but I decided to haul my body home and try to patch it up. I wasn’t hungry when I walked in, but I think by now there’s a little rumbly in my tumbly. Good sign.

Starting next week, the kids’ classes change times, so my Wednesday class will be from 5:30 – 6:30, which means I’ll be able to make all of my nogi class on Wednesdays now. Ha, so much for taking one night easy. 😛

Non-BJJ rant

I’ve been stuck at home, in bed, for several days, so I’ve watched a lot more TV than usual. (Usual meaning “none,” outside of football and UFC.) And I am so tired of these idiotic commercials: Feed your kid sugar! … Make your home smell like chemicals! … Watch this show about people doing stupid stuff! … Eat more junk food! … Credit cars are free money! … Not feeling well? Take pills! … Blech, it’s all so disgusting.

Also, just because your crappy product has a catchy, still-stuck-in-my-head jingle does not mean that I will ever buy your junk. It just means I will hate you continuously.


3 thoughts on “Monday, September 27, 2010

  1. Hey bjjgrrl (is that your license plate? lol),
    I don’t know how you bloggers are so prolific. When I’m injured or whatnot I just feel like a broken record so I stop posting. When things are going well I’m too busy with training to write. So how you guys get every minutiae down is beyond me. Keep it up; it’s nice knowing I’m not alone out here.
    How’s the mid-back doing? I got that Drill-to-win book, but haven’t been going at it because I’m having some serious lumbar compression causing some pain (enough to take off jits since June). Anywhooo, I might have it beat back enough to go back to jits this (or next) week. Have you been doing those drills in the book? How do you like them?

  2. Hey, Lynn!

    Yeah, that’s on my license plate. So if you see a maroon SUV with that Virginia license plate, wave!

    Ha, every minute I’m blogging is a minute I’m supposed to be doing something else. I’m just procrastinating 😉

    My mid-back is doing better so far this week, probably because I just spent 4 days sleeping to get over these various illnesses.

    I haven’t made it past Day 1 yet in Galvao’s book. 😛 I got sidetracked and have forgotten to look at it for the last week or so. A lot of those drills are very gymnastic/athletic looking, and many of them intimidate me very much. 😮

  3. I live in Reno now, but of course I would wave. And this is how small the world is. I went to Patrick Henry High School for a semester and I went to Lynchburg College for a year. I was born in Virginia Beach. I lived a lot of places after Virginia, and I have a very defined love/hate relationship with the South (and locations that close to the Mason-Dixon line). 😉

    I’m glad it’s not just me; I picked up this book and read the first half and kept thinking, “Wow, I’m definitely going to have to go to CrossFit for a while to get strong enough to even think about doing these drills.” I’m pretty intimidated too; right into a state of paralysis in fact.

    And, in the “small-ish” world vein, I am a software engineer so I read your posts (and xkcd) with the same attention whether they be work or bjj because I can relate to both.

    I’m sure you’ll be blogging if you start cracking into those drills; and I’ll try to follow behind a tad (or just make snarky comments from the ether).

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