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Monday, September 20, 2010

on September 20, 2010

I got some work done over the weekend, and I’m trying very hard to get enough done before tomorrow night so that I don’t have to miss class. There’s a meeting scheduled for 6pm – 10:30 pm tomorrow night and Wednesday night at work, but if I can close out enough of my tickets or get them to a place where I’m not the bottleneck, then I should be able to make class. I have a hair appointment tomorrow night and kids’ class on Wednesday; if I absolutely have to go to the meeting, then I can go to each of those first and then go back in to work. But that would not be fun, so I don’t want to.

Will got in early tonight. He asked another guy to roll, but the guy turned him down and said he needed to warm up first (??), so I rolled with Will instead. And… I left my grapply in my other pants, *le sigh*. So slow, so wrong, so loose and sloppy. No pressure. Waltzed right in to lots of things that I should ought to know were bad ideas. Pffft. He got a kimura on my left arm; the arm bent much further tonight — but still not all the way — before the popped elbow protested. (He thought he had the other one again. Maybe I should put some tape around that one just to mark it.) I forgot all about the other guy wanting to come in halfway through, though, and kept Will to myself until time for class.

We warmed up with armbars from guard. Worked with Sarah and Theresa. Mine are awful again. Then a round of rolling, with Theresa.

Drilling was headlock escapes. Guy has scarf hold, but has his top arm around only your head and is just trying to crank on you there. (“Redneck headlock,” Tim calls it. There were lots of these during Yoshi’s fights, and no one could escape.)

Drilled these with Theresa. I think I was muscling them all, but I couldn’t tell. Then on the wall, and we did a King of the Hill with the headlock escapes. I couldn’t figure out how, as the person on top, that I was supposed to “win.” Reversed quickly every time, though. There was a large class tonight, but there were only a few of us who would run out there to try. One more round of rolling, and I was put with Theresa. Then on the wall again for a few conditioning drills.


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