Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kids’ Class

Ah, kids. So fickle. The bunch that came in tonight, I could see it when they came in — they were out of sorts and cranky already. So I was not their favorite teacher this week. One even said at one point that they didn’t want to do this again next week. Lol.

They got through most of the warmup okay, but were dragging by the end. They didn’t want to drill. Then one said he was hurt. Another said he was tired. I had to nearly drag them through the rest of class. Toward the end, the girl didn’t like the drill we were doing, so when her brother accidentally clipped her in the face, she overacted big time — crocodile tears and almost screaming. I just let her sit. (She got instantly better.)

Whatever. They’ll probably be fine next week. I do think, though, that we need to have some kind of a “team building” exercise in there, because a few of them are not understanding — or at least not demonstrating — how to work as a good partner.

Nogi Class

When I got to the adult class, they were finishing up a roll. The TKD instructor, Gary, was doing the class, too. Drilling was next — armbar from mount again. Only worked with Theresa, so no chance to drill. Lot of guys in the class who don’t come to gi class, so it was their first time drilling it. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see what’s so hard about this, but they were having troubles, so we drilled, and drilled, and drilled. Overall, class went nearly a half hour later. Then one roll, with Theresa.

After class, I joined Tim, Scott, and Blue Belt Buddy on the mat. Scott and Buddy had just rolled together and were sweating and gasping and talking over parts of the roll. Tim looked across at me — hadn’t even broken a sweat — and asked me if I’d rolled at all, because I didn’t look as if I had. So we had a little talk about how much rolling I’m getting in each week (not much recently) and why (I roll with Theresa when no one else will. I understand why they don’t want to — while she’s good, she’s also tiny compared to everyone else, so rolling with her is almost like sitting out a round, and they don’t want to do that. And if you’re going easy on her, as you should, she can catch lots of things because, again, she’s pretty good; and not everyone understands that letting her finish something doesn’t mean you’re doing badly.). He said he hadn’t noticed that I was rolling with her so much, and he told me to be more selfish sometimes, leave her and go call someone out to roll with and let him deal with taking care of her.

I didn’t say anything about drilling yet, though. (I can’t drill on her most of the time because I can’t put weight on her, and I don’t want to practice keeping my weight off during the technique. Also, I feel as if everything I do on her is muscling because she’s so small. So, I usually sketch through the motions with her and then let her drill the rest of the time.) I need to start grabbing someone before or after class to drill, and I really need to drill everything a whole lot because I haven’t gotten to do it much for months now. I’ll see if I can improve it myself first; if not, I may have to bring it up and see if he can help me figure out a way to handle it.

By the way, Joe Rogan just called that a “no leg triangle.” Riiiight…


6 thoughts on “Wednesday, September 15, 2010

  1. In our kids class we are having problems with two boys who seem to want to train together then goof off. We’re thinking of trying to do “BJJ Buddies” sort of like reading buddies in school where the older kids are paired with younger kids to help with reading, but in this case it will be these older boys with our 6 year olds to be their mentors. I hope that it gives them a sense of responsibility about teaching/coaching the little ones. And as a side benefit they pay more attention and learn something themselves. We’ll see how it goes.

    Also we’ve got a young man (13) who comes to the adult BJJ classes, he is quite small like Theresa and also awesome. He will often drill with the instructor (who doesn’t drill back) and he rolls with any of the adults who either help teach or are under control.

  2. @Laura: I would think the Buddies thing would be a good idea. Unfortunately, the older kids who I was counting on to fill that sort of role in my class all have other after school activities right now, and so I’m left with mostly the little ones.

    I don’t mind helping with Theresa, and I did tell Tim that. But, I’m also not an instructor and do need to be learning for myself sometimes; I’m not at a level where I can get by without drilling or rolling. And a lot of times, if she’s going to be stuck with a new guy or a spazz, I’ll just roll with her again because I don’t want anyone to hurt her.

  3. I’ve thought several times reading your blog that you should be more selfish sometimes.

    It shouldn’t be your job to make sure Theresa doesn’t get stuck with a new guy or a spaz. Isn’t that what whoever is in charge of the class should be doing?

    I know a 15 year old girl who trains elsewhere who weighs something like 42kgs (way less than 100 pounds) and she has a list of people she can roll with who can be trusted not to break her and she doesn’t roll with anyone else under any circumstances. They rotate around so she gets one round each with people who are safe with her. Surely it can’t be that hard to set something like that up for Theresa?

  4. @Neil: Yeah, I know. I think too much. I feel as if it’s my job and my responsibility to take care of her in class, being a higher-ranked female. (Also my job to be available if the other girls want to roll with me.) A few of the guys have commented on this before, too, either about drilling or rolling, when I’ve said that I should probably go work with Theresa instead. But Tim agreed with what you said, that he or whoever is teaching class is responsible for making sure that she is taken care of. So I’ll try to relax and not be so protective of her. Ah, I’m a mess… 😛

  5. I agree with Neil. You’re obviously dedicated to helping her grow, but at the same time you are also paying to take classes for yourself. It would be different if you were an instructor and she was paying you for classes.

    I have some of the same tendencies with a few of the girls in class. But fortunately none of them are young enough or small enough that they can’t roll with the general class population. It’s a bit of a tough spot.

  6. @Allie: Agreed, it would be different if I were an instructor. I know many nights our instructors don’t get to roll or drill because they’re busy helping all of us. But, I’m not them and not anywhere close, and I need to be training, too.

    I think I’ll feel better now, too, knowing that Tim knows that I’m trying to take care of her (and he said that he was glad that I wanted to but that I do need to train for me, too) and that he’ll be watching out for her when I’m not working with her.

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