“You feel big”

Smaller class than we’ve had in the last two weeks. Also, several of the guys were over helping TR in the cage get ready for his fight next Saturday.

Warmup — jogging, high knees, heels back, turn it in/out, two-and-two, bear crawls. Circled up for jumping jacks, lunges, squats, situps, triangle situps. On the wall for shrimping, singles, shoot and sprawl.

One round to warm up, with Theresa. Then found Steve for a good work round. Let me tell you, that boy has gotten technical and is getting close to being smooth. I spent most of the round trying to pass his z-guard; I’d get close, and then he’d slip a little knee or foot in the way. Hey, that’s my game! But I got lots of work at being heavy on top and crushing his knees the same way guys usually crush mine, and paid attention to what he was doing to stymie my passing.

Drilling was the same standing guard pass as last night. Drilled with Theresa. More rolling. With her again, and then with Blue Belt Buddy. He also let me attack his guard for most of the round, and I ended up in similar positions as with Steve. I did get a couple of passes out of it, and once I got to side control, I worked on sinking my weight down and shimmying in to small spaces. (I never actually thought the word “Mudslide,” but I think that’s what I was doing. The concepts, at least, were popping in to my head. I still don’t have a new announcer voice, and I think Caleb and Shawn have left. *sad*) Also popped up to knee-on-belly several times (and once remembered to switch sides!) and worked to find a choke or an arm, but he had it all defended.

After that roll, Buddy commented that I had felt bigger and heavier on top than he’d expected. That he’d had this mental idea of how heavy I’d be on top and how much physical space I would seem to take up, all based on rolling with me before — but that then I felt a couple inches taller and lots heavier. Wohoo! Jiu-jitsu’s probably the only place you can tell a girl you think she feels larger than usual, and it’s the best compliment you can give her. 😛

My sister is getting married on Saturday. And I love her and want her to have the wedding that she wants, but I’ll be so very glad when this is all done with and every conversation with my family doesn’t revolve around planning this thing. I have to take Friday off work (and off jiu-jitsu, of course) to help with the last minute stuff and to get a manicure & pedicure. I’m not actually excited about those because they’ll probably try to scrub off the calluses I’ve worked so hard to get.


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  1. WOOHOO! Congrats on being a successful mudslide! Don’t worry about subs. Those will just magically appear once you get good and the whole Mudslide thing and combine it with the idea of pressure through aggressive mobility.

  2. @Kintanon: Geez, you pounced fast! 😛

    Yeah, I mostly threatening submissions to distract him so he couldn’t think about getting me off. I was more focused on staying on top and moving as needed to keep my balance and pressure. And it’s not like he’s a scrub, either; he knows what I can do from there and knows what he needs to do to defend it all.

  3. That’s exactly the concept of Pressure I was talking about. Didn’t take you long at all to put that all together and start making it work. Play with that for a couple of weeks and then pick ONE SUB and starting working on setting it up from the top. I like the single collar choke, also called a loop choke, as my bread and butter in gi. Kimura from technical mount in no-gi. You’ll be subbin all of these guys in no time.

  4. That’s cool, I’m happy you’re getting feedback that the visualizations and thought-forms are working. That new “heaviness” translates into good base as well as good pressure in side control, etc.

  5. “Jiu-jitsu’s probably the only place you can tell a girl you think she feels larger than usual, and it’s the best compliment you can give her.” – My thoughts exactly 🙂

  6. @Kintanon: Thanks for all the help. Sometimes the hardest thing to see is the one that’s right in front of your nose. (Not that I’ve in any way mastered this yet — we’ll see how my brain handles this in the coming days. So you might have to prod and poke me lots more.)

    @SavageKitsune: Yes, I think all the mental images are helping, even though I may not be consciously thinking them. I know I did think “Tree!” or “Rock!” a couple of times last night when the guys were getting close to sweeping me, and that helped me sink my weight back down on them.

    @Jen: 😛

  7. Haha, yeah it’s great hearing that someone thinks you’re heavy in BJJ until they incorrectly guess your weight by about 15 lbs!! That happened to me the other night after a roll. I am not sure if I am offended or not. lol

    Congrats to your sister on the wedding! I know what it’s like to have a wedding consumed family. Ours went through three major weddings back to back. It was insanity. But you’re almost through it! 🙂

  8. @Allie: I think it’s great — I’ll be ecstatic when someone tells me I weigh 200 lbs, lol! 😛 The best part is that he’s rolled with me before, so he knows what I usually “should” feel like.

    Re: the wedding — there have been no major casualties so far. Only a few days more; I might be able to make it without ruining that record… o.0

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