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Thursday, August 19, 2010

on August 19, 2010

Justin wanted to roll before class. I still have no base. Sad. Trying to cut that knee in closer and sooner. Did it much better once, but then immediately lifted my hips when coming through, and he hipped around back to guard. More sad. He let me work through several things and, for his part, did a lot of catch & release. I still feel slow and dumb; my body still feels heavy. Though it’s strange — I can feel slow and dumb sometimes and yet not be frustrated. I need to figure out why that is, and harness the power of the non-frustrated. Probably makes me more pleasant to be around.

Class started with rolling. Sarah wanted to roll with me. She’s still very much in spiky-ball defense mode. I was trying to find a crack in the shell without muscling anything, but it was hard. Then a round with CBB, who kept up the patter of “Oh, nice!” when I managed to rescue limbs from being ripped off. I always hope that going slow and steady against guys like this will help them calm down, too. It doesn’t seem to work. Then a round with Kaila. Amusing, the size difference there. This round and the previous, I kept getting stuck in turtle again. Meh. Not trying to go there; just wound up there.

Drilling was a reverse armlock from guard. I’ve seen it a few times before, and I always seem to have trouble with this one. It’s very technical, and I can’t quite seem to get the details right enough.

Another roll. With drilling partner, Sarah. Again trying to get in on that spiky ball. Kept trying to off-balance her and to distract her; eventually started finding a few small plalces. Did get to X-guard a couple of times, but only got a sweep off it once. Did get to guard once, too, and to half guard a few times. Something ended with a sweep to top half and a slow pass. There was one more round, but I was the odd man out this time.

Should be having Open Mat tomorrow night, and then I’ll actually make it in for a Saturday class. I haven’t been in a few weeks! 😮


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