That wasn’t quite what I expected…

I had my lesson plan ready, had my stopwatch. Had the worst case of the butterflies, but thinking, it’s okay, I got this, I’m ready. And then 6:00pm came. Then 6:05 came. And… there were no kids. What?! None. Zero, zip, zilch. Where did they all go? I dunno! You’d think at least one would show up, but, no. Perry is out of town this week, so maybe they were all confused about whether or not they had a class.

Thus ended my first class. Oh well, at least I hopefully got out most of the butterflies.

So stripped off my gi and waited for my class. We had a small group tonight, too. I know VT is moving back in this week, and Radford comes back next week, so we should start having more people in class.

Rolling. With Yoshi. He was being all sneaky slow and technical, when usually he’s fast and technical. Kept catching me off guard — usually I try to anticipate where he’ll leap to next, and so set up my hips to follow; tonight he was smashing my knees down and trying to work a tight pressure pass. I did get a lot of work on reacting when my knees were getting pushed together, lol. I dunno how long the roll was, but I remember thinking that I was getting tired.

Second roll with Justin, and he put me through my paces, with particular emphasis on keeping my base (I’m so awful at this — you’d think being short and having a low center of gravity would help, but no, I topple easily) and cutting my knee through more quickly. Much fail on both, though I was trying. He gave me space and time to react; much “Which way you go?”

Toward the end of the round, my quads starting burning something awful and I could hardly lift my legs. Dunno what that’s about. Then we stopped, and I realized we’d been rolling for 25 minutes total. I can usually go longer without a problem. Who knows? Weird body, meh.

Drilling was a side control escape to front headlock control. Worked in with Yoshi and New Adam.

Rolling again, and I snagged Scott. Lots of knees being mashed together again, though he backs it up with a lot more pressure, so really hard to get out of if I miss the first moment. I tried the technique of the night, but didn’t get my framing so good before trying, and he smashed me flat halfway through my spin. Doh.

Final round, everyone ran away from Justin again, so I got a second round. (Yay!) He let me play on top a lot more this round and even juggled me up there a time or two to let me practice floating (I still have to have both hands on the mat, though). Base was still an issue, though. At the end, he pretzled me through at least 3 omoplatas and several armlocks until finally ending by sitting on me off an omoplata and armlocking me. Or something. We both laughed at it, because it was rather nuts.

Some of the guys stuck around for APC. I sat and watched; I don’t think I’m ready to start back on that yet. Maybe next week, or maybe in September. I have several lingering injured places, particularly the middle of my back, and would kind of like them to get better…

Brandon has been training for a fight in September. He got word today that his fighter backed out, and there’s no replacement.

I heard from Will this morning. The ER concluded nothing last night except that it might not be his ACL. I think he still has to go see a specialist and get an MRI.

Oh, I forgot last night: when someone ran to find ice for him, the only thing they could find in the academy freezer was a package of chicken. !!! So that was what we put on his knee. (We could’ve had a cookout afterwards, lol.)


11 thoughts on “That wasn’t quite what I expected…

  1. Your legs were probably much more tired due to two things, thing one some adrenaline dump from the kids class teaching butterflies, and two from the work with Yoshi. Getting your legs smashed together while you fight it is a pretty big strain on them and if he was working that pass a LOT then it was a lot like doing reps weightlifting.

  2. @Allie: That would make more sense, since they mold. But all we had was chicken. 😛

    @reginadabean: Hopefully they all flew away now. 😉

    Lesse, all the links to you: under Women in BJJ, in my sidebar (“Link > Add New Link”), on the Blogroll page, and on the Women: Resources page. I think because we’re both WordPress, that it automatically notifies you.

    @SavageKitsune: I still want to know why our dorm-size refrigerator only had a package of chicken in it… :/

    @Kintanon: He was doing that pass a lot, so there was a lot of fighting to get my legs out. Usually I just concede the pass, but lately I’ve been working to fight out when someone starts to pin my knees together (not back, but out and restart). Thanks for making me feel like not so much of a wimp. 😛

  3. @Leslie: Are you getting your legs smashed in butterfly guard? Cause I has a video for that…

    I filmed this for Slideyfoot when he was having a hard time getting Spider Guard. His problem was that he was being too passive establishing his guard and people were just walking past it. I address the issue of getting your legs squeezed together as part of establishing butterfly in order to transition to spider. You should find it reasonably helpful if that’s where you’ve been getting smashed from.

  4. @Kintanon: Thanks for that link. Lol, I get my knees smashed together from everywhere. They even try it when I have closed guard. I think everyone sees short legs and thinks, “Hey, I’ve got an idea…” I’ve been too passive in the past and have assumed it’s just going to happen because of the short legs & not being as strong. Now I’m trying to react and either to get my legs out before they’re smashed or to pull out when someone does get it.

  5. Ok. So people are overhooking both your legs and sprawling out from full guard to crush your legs and pin them, then walking around to one side or the other to pass, yes?

    Solution: Turn your upper body towards them, if they are passing on your left side put your right hand in their hip and stiffarm. Now base with your left hand and your right leg and pull your left leg out to standing.
    You get several options from there, but if nothing else it makes it pretty easy to reguard.

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