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Lest I forget

on August 13, 2010

I think I forgot to mention that we’re not having morning classes anymore.

Went to Open Mat tonight. Got swept and passed and crushed by a guy who was using no hands, until he needed to choke me. Multiple times. So that I still wouldn’t think it was a fluke (not that I did), the next guy did the same. Why do I keep coming back for this? Yet I do, and I would roll with those two guys every day if I could, even if I knew I would get the same treatment. (Though maybe I should spare them; they’re probably tired of having to put up with my ineptness every day.) I’ve heard this should make me better. At what, exactly, I don’t know. Tapping? Taking a beating? Sure, why not? Not crying on the mat? Oh, wait, I’m getting worse at that. Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to do something right — keep my elbows tight, protect my neck in back mount, make a grip and keep it, sit in one place without getting knocked over quite so easily, defend for more than 10 seconds. Until then, I’ll just let them remind every day how much I really suck at this, no matter how badly I want to be at least a little bit competent.

Tomorrow is Jennie’s wedding shower, so I can’t train. Monday I’m going to Carowinds with my friend Angela, before she has to get her classroom in order for the next year.


7 responses to “Lest I forget

  1. But dude! I remember reading your entries from, last week? And you were sweeping, pinning, choking, and tapping guys all over the place! It doesn’t really mean much to compare two different people, but after training for five years i still have trouble handling new, in-shape white belts – sounds like u do not.

    Progression in this art ain’t a steady march. More like two steps forward one step back, most of the time.

    Even if you’re frustrated w your own progress, you help your training partners immensely by training technically with them. Even if your bjj is stagnant, you are getting a great workout, solidifying friendships and camraderie that you will have for the rest of your life, and doing your best. Progression of skill is often the most obvious benefit of training, but maybe not the most important.

    And one more benefit that may not be so obvious: you help ME (and your other readers) by inspiring us and entertaining us. Thank you so much for continuing to blog. I hope u never stop!

  2. Jen Stewart says:

    When I have a bad night, my husband reminds me, “at least you showed up.” Hope your week is great.

  3. leslie says:

    @Matt: Thanks for reminding me. Seems that I forgot there for a moment 😛

    @Jen: Thanks. I read your post with Logan’s essay today. Smart kid.

  4. Jen Stewart says:

    Thanks, I’m blessed with an amazing kid

  5. Kintanon says:

    I dropped some videos of me rolling in class with a 220lb 6 month white belt who is strong and athletic, and a 170ish lb white belt with 4 classes who is an ex football player, so very strong. I did some analysis on the videos just pointing out the things I do to avoid trying to counter their strength with strength and to stay out from under them. You may or may not find any of it useful.

  6. @ Kintanon: That’s a really good idea. I might have to try that at some point!

    @ Leslie: You and me. Same boat.

  7. leslie says:

    @Kintanon: Thanks, I’ve been watching/reading that.

    @Allie: I don’t like this boat. Let’s find another. 😉

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