Thursday, August 12, 2010


Rolling to warm up. Sarah and I had been talking before class — she’s starting to hit the frustration/crying point, and her boyfriend doesn’t understand because he never went through that, so she basically asked if she was normal or not. I assured her that she is quite normal. — so we started rolling. I can tell she’s been rolling mostly with spazzy white belts: she’s a ball of defensive elbows and knees. I tried to let her play on top and work, but she hardly knew what to do with herself there.

Then got to roll with Brian, who’s down visiting from Albany. He felt like a combination of Will and Justin — Will’s absurdly impossible guard and half guard with Justin’s moving in and out and around. Fun, though. He let me play.

Drilling was armdrag. I’m still way too obvious in trying to set this up, and no one ever has any trouble avoiding it. Maybe I should just focus on armdrags for a long while. Drilled with Sarah.

Another roll, with Sarah again. Then grabbed Will for the final round. Flat as a pancake and stuck in turtle. Couldn’t avoid getting there, and couldn’t get out once I was there.

Then Will and Brian rolled after class, so I stuck around to watch the Clash of the Purple Belts.