Not as recovered as I’d thought

Felt much better today, so went in with the intention of doing the full class. And, um, yeah, found all the residual sore spots and tight places. Also found that the gas tank was a whole lot closer to “E” than I’d thought…

We started with drills tonight. First, a sweep that’s similar to my favorite open guard sweep. My head kept lagging behind and getting off to the side. My brain knew what to do and knew when I did it wrong, but my body couldn’t seem to follow directions very well. Started working with Sarah, then partway through Tim had us switch partners, and I worked with Brandon on the rest of the drills. Did that same one a little bit first.

Then knee-on-belly switching, 10/side. Brandon apologized before he even started and tried to keep his weight off of me. I was okay as long as the shin went across my abs or hips; when it came up on my lower ribs (which are definitely bruised from Jessy’s body triangle), that’s when it hurt. Then armbars from guard. My neck got really tense and tight during these. Boo.

Rolling was 4-minute rounds with 20 pushups and 20 squats in between. Ugh, pushups were terrible — the back of my shoulders are apparently still quite sore. Squats weren’t so fun, either. Rolled with Brandon first, and he was trying to go easy on me again. I was trying to push the pace, but he never seemed like he felt threatened because he kept a nice, slow, even pace. Oh well. Then with Guillaume, and I couldn’t control him worth anything. All energy was leaching out. Then Will, and I could do nothing. I mean nothing. Like a little rag doll. Bah. Knees kept getting clamped together, and I couldn’t do a thing about it. Last round, Tim called me over to roll with him. Um, yeah, not so good. My joints were aching by then. What’s up with that? So I rolled like a complete idiot.

Then we all got on the wall while Brandon and Yoshi got in the middle and then got shark-tanked. Brandon has a fight coming up in September and Yoshi, October. I did try to go out there, but Tim waved me off. (Not that I minded this time. I’m willing, but my body is so weak.)

Now that the tournament is behind me — and the next one isn’t until December — I’m willing to go out to eat at work. … And so this week, everyone started on their new diets, so no one wants to go. Bah!


2 thoughts on “Not as recovered as I’d thought

  1. Hey, Leslie, you need to come train here in Austin for a bit. I think a vacation is what you need, plus we have a new-to-us 4 str blue who is TINY. She weighs about 100 lbs soaking wet and might be 4’11”? Makes me feel like Gaby Garcia.

  2. @Georgette: Lol, I’d feel huge next to her, too. 😛

    Hmm, I like Austin. Now to convince my manager that I can do remote work from Texas… (and that’s not entirely a far-fetched idea around here…)

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