8-9-10, I can move my head again!

I like fun dates.

I could barely move my neck this morning, so I called Dr. Tom and got in for the first available appointment. He laughed (laughed!) when he started checking my neck and back. It was all tight. But after the adjustment, I could at least turn my head to either side almost all the way, which was not the case beforehand.

I did go in tonight, though I didn’t do much of anything. So sore. I did move around on the mat a bit before class, just trying to loosen up and get the joints moving and the blood flowing. Owie.

Sat out of rolling. Technique tonight was the knee-up guard break, which I used several times over the weekend, mostly against Maria.

Speaking of that technique, I used it on Chrissy on Sunday and got my knee up, only her guard was still locked. She started laughing and pointed out that *this* is how small I am — that she’s 5 feet tall, and she can still keep her guard closed when I do this break. LOL. I honestly have a picture in my head that I’m the same size as Justin, who’s 5’6″ and 160 lbs — that is, that I take up the same physical space that he does. Hmm, maybe not so much…

A few more rolls, which I sat out from. Then on the last roll, several guys had left, leaving an odd number. So I put my top and belt on and went in with Brandon. I did tell him that I was sore and tired from the tournament and so would probably be going slow — but that if I started picking up the pace or pressure, that he was welcome to return the favor. We flowed around for a little while. He mostly let me be on top and work a few things.

I did feel a little better after moving around like that. Got the blood flowing some. Should be back to it tomorrow.

And for anyone who spent much time with me last weekend or this weekend, there’s a LOLcat for that:

funny pictures of cats with captions
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