Day 1: Dress Shopping

Drove down Thursday night to Jennie’s house, west of Richmond. Early Friday morning, we drove about an hour east of Richmond (~2 hr drive) to her fiance’s parents’ house to meet up with them. We ate breakfast with them, then I drove all five of us women — me, Jennie, her future mother-in-law, and her two future sisters-in-law — down to Hampton to the first bridal shop. (Which was, coincidentally, in the same shopping center that Chrissy, Maggie, and I stopped in for Starbucks on the way home last week. As I pulled in, I started thinking, “Hey, wait, this looks familiar…”)

We had an 11 am appointment, but the lady who was supposed to be helping us had apparently booked another appointment at the same time (?) and so didn’t do much for us at all after pointing us at the dresses (goodness, there’s a lot!) — and then gave us a cheery “Thanks for letting me help you today!” as we left. Whatever. Jennie really didn’t have anything specific in mind, so between me and his sisters we picked out a few styles we liked and started trying them on. Jennie did give us the advice to only choose between two at one time — always put back the one you like less of the two and keep the one you like. That actually helped a lot.

We started with short dresses. The three of us are all short, though, so the first “short” dress came down nearly to our ankles! We finally found “the one” among the short dresses, and then Jennie started bringing over long dresses “just to see.” Shortly thereafter, we found “the one” again, long this time, and we all decided that we liked it better than the short one. The wedding is in January, too, so long works a bit better.

Jennie had made another appointment back closer to Richmond, in Williamsburg, so we headed that way. But the interstate was backed up, and then our alternate route was down from four lanes to one because of an accident! (Apparently I am the Jonah when it comes to traffic…) Traffic got moving after that but was still heavy, and we had to avoid the interstate, so we got to the next appointment a little over an hour late. Jennie had called ahead and left a message saying we would be late.

Turned out not to be a problem, though — as we turned on the street for the shop, a road crew was just moving a “Road Closed” barricade off the street. The lady in the shop told us that she had only just been allowed in, that the big storm last night had downed trees, which had taken out power lines. The road had been closed all morning, and the power had been out. So we couldn’t have gotten there any earlier anyway. Jennie said later that if we’d gotten there on time and the road/store had been closed, she would have suggested going home at that point.

This was a much smaller store than the first, which was a large chain with every dress in many colors and sizes. This second was more of a boutique, keeping a small selection and often only 1 of each dress and that in a larger size. So while in the first store, I was picking out 4s to try on (which made me ridiculously happy, btw) and almost fit in 2s (my rib cage was just slightly too big), in this second store the smallest size was generally an 8 or 10. Once you were in the dress, though, the lady had some large clips — which reminded me of jumper cables — that she’d use to pull and hold the fabric in. One of the sisters is a size 0/2, so she didn’t even try anything on here.

We ended up with a long dress very similar in style to the one from the first store, but the quality seemed much better and the fabric was thicker. Price was nearly the same, too.

Stopped for dinner on the way back. I tried to get something small, but ended up with the biggest salad at the table! Ate just a little. After dropping them off, I had a nearly 2-hour drive to Ashland for the tournament weigh-ins. My GPS first decided to get me well and truly lost somewhere on the Colonial Parkway, and then eventually took pity on me and dumped me out on the interstate. I made it to weigh-ins nearly at the end. And I weighed in 5 lbs over my normal walking-around weight. Nearly 7 lbs over the cut off. I was prepared to strip if needed, but there’s no way my shirt and jeans weighed 7 pounds. So, um, yeah…

As I was driving away from the venue, I thought I must have done something wrong. Did I wear my shoes? Maybe my clothes are that heavy… When I got to my aunt’s, I double-checked on their scale. Nope, same. What the…?! I know it’s mostly water retention from sitting and standing and driving so much yesterday and today. Still, not fun.

6 thoughts on “Day 1: Dress Shopping

  1. I have come to the conclusion that our bodies have a vendetta against us for expecting a certain weight and will randomly gain weight just for the hell of it to piss us off 🙂

  2. Or as Sally said on Coupling about bottoms:

    They follow us around our entire lives, right behind us and constantly growing. How do they do that? I’m sure mine’s back there secretly snacking.

  3. Well, after my body’s shenanigans, my weight ended up not mattering — there was no one else in my normal weight class or in my new one, so I was combined up anyway. *facepalm*

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