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on August 3, 2010

Will made it in early today. Huzzah! Free beatings! Trying to remember to bail when my knees get pinched. Well, I did remember that I was supposed to do it, but the bailing didn’t work so well in practice. The few times he let me work from top half or side control, I didn’t have enough pressure to do anything. Meh. I’m not sure he even broke a sweat. Hmm. It’s a good thing I’m not entering the men’s purple, 50-lbs-heavier-than-me division… We stopped eventually when Justin got there. He asked about the tournament this weekend and asked if I was ready. (Am I ever ready? No.) So then he took a turn at trouncing me. He went slow and steady; I did everything wrong. *le sigh* I also had lots of problems with grips, so he gave me a review on breaking grips and using grips in standup, though I still had trouble.

Tim made an announcement before class to make me do extra because of the tournament. Oh, gee, thanks… He was working with some guys on MMA sparring, though, so Justin took class.

Class started with a warmup. !!! Do not want! My gi was limp and heavy, and my pants were too loose now and falling down. Had to hike them up with one hand to keep from tripping, lol. Jogging, knees up, heels back, side-to-side (both sides), two-and-two. On the wall: shrimping, single legs, and alligators. Nothing too crazy, but quads were then shot. Grand…

Then partnered up for a couple rounds of grip fighting. Justin first showed the same grip setups and grip breaking that he’d just been working with me (Yay! Thank you!), and then we went at it. Theresa first and then Jess. I even fought a little more with Theresa and went for my own grips & broke hers rather than let her play as much as usual. She has a strong grip, though! Then with Jess, thinking tournament. Justin told me to, too, and to throw her around.

Drilling was more grip breaking, advancing from breaking a single lapel grip (two-on-one) to setting up the single leg. Justin paired me with Jess so I could have someone my own size.

Rolling eventually, same partner. At some point I felt sorry for her — I was playing much harder and faster than I usually do, though she knew that I have the tournament this weekend and that I wanted a final tuneup. (Not that it really stopped me, but I did feel sorry for her.) Did eventually pull half guard to work from the bottom, though, since she was giving up easy passes on top and letting me get to good positions quickly. Swept her a few times, but didn’t come up to finish; just stayed on the bottom.

Then got paired with another guy who asked, “Is there anything you want to work for the tournament?” I just asked him to not hurt me, since he often nearly does. I think he did try not to, but I still had to be on watchful defense most of the time, especially if there was a sweep or submission involved. Still, probably not a bad round to have had, since the other girls won’t be playing nice, either.

Final round with Scott. He lets me start on top since he wants to work his bottom game, but his rule is that once he sweeps then he can stay on top. That sweep happens fairly quickly with me. So then defending and trying to get off the bottom, though no luck. He laughed at me when I tried to escape side control once using straight-up muscle; I said I’d tried every other way, and he had them all blocked. He told me to keep trying the other ways, and then he pretended that one of his arms wasn’t as tight as it had been a moment ago. Remembered about bailing when my knees were involuntarily mashed together, but again could not actually act when I recognized it. He pointed out that same thing after the round, too.

After class, I had a few more questions for Justin about grips from other positions, so he went over what to do in those situations.

My little admirer finally got up the nerve to talk to me again beyond a cool, “Hey, girl,” and came over after class. He told me that he’s been watching me in class and that I’m getting to be really good at this. I think he saw me murdering Jess. (The day after I first found about him, one of the lead stories in the paper was about a local high school teacher — my age and female — having inappropriate relations [ahem] with a student. No joke. Not that I needed a warning or reminder, but sheesh, talk about timing…!)

(They’re only interested in me when they’re 15 years younger [and illegal] and 15 years older [and my parents’ friends]. Eeep. Where are the guys around my own age?)

Tim is organizing an epic MMA sparring session on Saturday since at least 3 guys have fights coming up, so all the boys will be staying here for that. Extra boys will be coming in for it, too. One white belt boy might come up to the tournament, but other than that, I’ll be listening to my opponent’s coaches and doing the opposite of what they want.

I have an early morning meeting tomorrow and an end-of-business deadline, so I won’t be going to class in the morning. Tonight was 9 days straight of training, too, so I think an extra class in the morning is probably not the brightest idea. I will be in class tomorrow night for one last nogi tuneup, and then will have Thursday and Friday completely off. On Friday, I have to help my best friend with bridesmaid dress shopping, so come Saturday, I’ll probably be more than ready to choke any females with arm’s reach.


6 responses to “Nine

  1. NinjaEditor says:

    Best of luck at the tournament this weekend! Looking forward to hearing how it went.

    I’ll be competing on Saturday as well. First time. Eek!

  2. (Leslie)
    He asked about the tournament this weekend and asked if I was ready. (Am I ever ready? No.) So then he took a turn at trouncing me. He went slow and steady; I did everything wrong. *le sigh*
    Haven’t you heard that a terrible dress rehearsal precedes a stellar performance? 🙂

  3. reginadabean says:

    If it makes you feel better, Yesterday on my way to bjj class I was hit on by a truck driver at a light…I had my windows open and he pulled up to me and yelled “hey, you’re hot!”

    *sigh* personally, I think it’s cause I wear my hair in pigtail braids for class (my hair is crazy long, I really should cut it…I just…can’t…lol)

    Good luck at the tourney, looking forward to hearing all about it!

  4. leslie says:

    @Jenn: Thanks, and good luck!

    @SavageKitsune: Let’s hope so! Hopefully I’m getting all my bad moves out now, so only the good ones will be left this weekend. 😛

    @reginadabean: Lol, and thanks! 🙂

  5. Kintanon says:

    @Reginadabean I have stupidly long hair as well, I put 6-7 hairband things in it then coil it up into a bun and put another one around it before class. You can see the giant bun on the back of my head in my competition vids. It keeps it from getting stepped on and stuff.

    @Leslie Just relax and remember to BREATH. You have all the right ingredients to win in your head. You just need to let it all flow.

  6. leslie says:

    @Kintanon: Yeah, now if I can just get them all to come out and play at the right time, we’ll be in business… 😛

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