Friday Night

I made it down to Yamasaki Training Center (formerly Mechanicsville Martial Arts) in time for Friday class. First, a flow roll to warm up. Rolled with Cheryl. Then actual rounds. Sat out at the beginning, and then one guy had to come out with a bloody nose so I took his spot. (At least I knew to be a bit careful with his partner!) Rolled the rest of that round. Geez oh pete, suddenly so tired. No energy, and my quads felt like concrete. Urgh. I survived, though, despite the attempts to submit me from within my own guard (um, no) and even swept him a few times and caught a few triangles, though couldn’t quite get the angle to finish.

Then a round with Chrissy, and she kept me under mount while teasing me with saying she had a better upa technique. Then Klint tossed me around gently for a round and pointed out lots of things I was doing wrong (which, at that point, was actually everything — so tired, and brain was starting to go at that point, too). Notes from Klint: sit in & open hips at the same time; pass the legs before trying to pass the arms; free the arms before moving forward. There was more, but my brain exploded.

A final round with TheMikeByrd, and he played with me and let me pretend I did some things right cuz he’s a nice guy like that.

Then technique: butterfly/hook/half-guard “flippy over pass”, as Chrissy called it. From coming in to butterfly or whatever, underhook the far leg; head on their far hip, looking at the ground on the other side. Other arm slides back along your ribs, keeping the elbow tight so it can’t be attacked, and grab the pants at the knee of their other leg. Now drive that leg back and down while opening your hips to pass; your shoulder drives into their stomach. Walk toward their legs (which seems counter-intuitive, but works) to get a better position, then come to side control.

Chrissy did finally show me her better upa technique. Thank you. πŸ™‚


Saturday morning, Chrissy, Maggie, and I left Richmond to head to Hybrid Training Center. We allowed extra time because traffic is generally horrendous going through the tunnel, but it turned out to be extra hideous, and we arrived over an hour later than we’d planned, so we missed most of Addie’s seminar. The seminar was a fundraiser for Andre Margutti.

We did see a couple of techniques — a sweep when they stand up in guard, with a pass to side control, and then a guard recovery from side control.

  • As they stand, control one sleeve and slide in tight to the other leg. Pass the sleeve to the other hand, which reaches up between their legs to grab. First hand now reaches up to their collar on the opposite side or to the back of their sleeve. Front foot goes out in front of their far leg. Pull down with the arms while pushing/blocking with the foot. As they fall, you come up on top of both of their legs. Drop your hips to pin their legs. Front leg windshield-wipers across to hook over their ankles and pin. Then slide around to the far side to side control.
  • From side control, they leave an arm between your legs. (This happens to me frequently, oddly enough.) Reach around with the outside hand and grab their sleeve. (This technique works if they aren’t tight with that arm. If they’re tight, problems.) Take the inside foot and slide it inside this trapped arm. Use your foot to pull it away from your body; bring the other foot over to go in their bicep. So now you have a spider guard-type control on that side. Hip away, using that control, and then slide your knee through to guard.

Women’s Open Mat followed. Rolled with Maggie first to warm up, then with two 13-year-old girls that came down with Barbara. They’ve both been training for about 2 years and have good technique. One of them threw armbars like crazy; this is going to be Theresa in a few years. Also got a round with Rosie, a small part of a round with Barbara, and a couple of rounds with a girl I think named Yvette. Toward the end of the open mat, Antwain Britt and Scott Oates joined us, and I got a round with Scott, a black belt and the BJJ instructor at Hybrid. He let me play and pretend I knew some jiu-jitsu. (And I found out that Chrissy’s new upa technique doesn’t work so well on black belts, lol.)

Somewhere in there, Chrissy showed the two girls an armbar from mount. From mount, start as normal and get to S-mount. When they turn to their side, slide that back knee in tighter and slide in tighter. Your weight should be in their lower ribs (which sucks!, btw). Pin their legs with the hand on that side; the other hand gets their arm. Keep their legs pinned and turn toward their feet, walking your other hand up your own gi collar as your turn. If they aren’t tapping, then step your back leg over and turn that knee down.

(There were more girls there than this; we just forgot to take the picture between the seminar and the Open Mat, and several girls had to leave after the seminar.)

Saturday night now, and Chrissy, Maggie, and I are staying with Antwain and Addie (and Hummer and Drool Machine Tank). We may get some training in down here tomorrow, too. Wohoo!

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