Thursday, July 29, 2010

Work funny #1: There’s been a problem with this one database system that we have to use. The phone kept hanging up in one place when it should have continued to a new feature. The company that managed this system before us insisted that they added the new code. One of the software engineers got to digging around in there today and found that the previous company had in fact added the new code like they were supposed to… Except they added it after the line that hangs up and exits. Duh…

Work funny #2: One of the guys is working on a company’s webpage, and today he was adding their new “Ethics” image. And he noticed that there was some really small writing on part of the image, so he messed with it until he could read the writing. It was a watermark. Which contained a copyright. With a different company’s name. Which means… they stole their Ethics logo. …!!

I have had the worst time concentrating the last two days. We finished the current round of insanity at work, and I’m supposed to be helping test a completely different project, and I just can’t get my brain to focus. I can’t even focus on playing my gazillion Facebook games or on writing posts or comments. *le sigh*

Started with rolling. Theresa first, and trying to fix her jiu-jitsu where some people are messing it up. Grr. Then a round with Will and one with Scott. Feel so helpless most of the time; nothing works still. I’m trapped on the bottom. So much pressure. It feels like I finally get one thing sorted out, and then both something new comes along and one of the things I’d previously sorted out pops back out of place.

Drilling was a guillotine variation from the front headlock position. Two more rolls, with Theresa and Jess.

The Gorgon was also out in full force tonight. Apparently I even looked like I was trying to turn people to stone; Kaila kept asking if I was alright, said I looked grumpy. And I was, mostly because I let myself get angry and out of sorts. I don’t want to be this catty, bratty, jealous, whiney little kid, and yet as soon as these people show up, I am.

Also, I’m more than slightly annoyed that this week has been an easy week in practice. No early rolls, and the only hard rolls were with higher belts who have me on barely capable defense, so I don’t feel as if I got enough preparation. Next week will likely not be easy, and that’s actually the week I could use an energy break since it’s right before the tournament.

Hopefully some time away will help. I’m leaving tomorrow after work for Richmond and will make it up in time for a class with Chrissy et al. Then Saturday we’re going down toward Virginia Beach for a seminar and Women’s Open Mat.

2 thoughts on “Thursday, July 29, 2010

  1. I wish I could train as often as you do. I make 2-3 classes a week, usually around 2-3 hours per class.

    You might want to consider taking the three days before the tournament off and just watching jits videos, reading, and relaxing a little bit. Let your body recover and let your brain absorb some of what you’ve been throwing at it.

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