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Slow motion

on July 12, 2010

Oi. So. Tired. Haven’t slept well in a while.

Today at work was rough. Thinking was hard and I usually have to think a lot. Lots of coffee, but it barely made a dent. Adjustment tonight with Dr. Tom. Now I’m down to once every two weeks. Good.

Met Tim before class. He first wanted to work what we would drill tonight, an ankle pick defense to knee-on-belly. Then we rolled. My fingers are shot. Grips are hard. We rolled for 30 minutes. He stopped to correct things, like defending a triangle. I did it all backwards. Cannot think. So sluggish in the brain department. Some moments where he gave me space and time to do something, and I felt like I did nearly the right thing nearly the right way. He said a few things were good, but often my grip gave out before I could finish. But mostly very consciously incompetent — very many “Oh crap, bad idea”s and “Uh-oh!”s. We rolled for far longer than I thought I’d be able to. Whew.

Class opened with drilling — armbar from guard, armbar-triangle, armbar-triangle-armbar. Worked with the little heroine of the hour (as if she needs any more practice with armbars!).

Then the ankle pick defense to knee on belly. Then attacking when they stand, since I was doing nothing useful in rolling earlier.

A little bit of rolling. Started with Theresa. After seeing the kids this weekend, I have a better idea of how to roll with her. Then with Big Tommy, my chiropractor. Lol. He mentioned that he wanted to work his guard; I said I wanted to work passing the guard. So we were a good pair. Got almost past a few times, but got swept a few, too.

Then went with one of the newbies, and I screwed up. I was tired, so I slacked off and went really easy again and mostly played defense. My brain was screaming at me to work, but my body was dragging behind. Should have listened, too, because going slightly harder myself but controlling him would have been better than having him spaz as hard as he did. Got slammed once. Ugh. Took me too long to get engaged again. Found one armbar, but let him pass my guard to side control once (I did get out immediately and showed him my side control instead, but probably too little too late). Bad, bad, bad girl. Not gonna let it happen again, though.

Then with Jess. She bought both a black and a white Fenom gi, and was wearing the black one with her old TKD white belt tonight. Worked on passing the guard again, and especially going straight to mount. (I want my points!) But also worked on a few finishes.

That was class. Justin had been the odd man out during class, so he asked to roll afterwards. 10, 15 minutes. He was also slowing down at times like Tim had done and letting me work some things, and he also stopped to point out things. One, when I’m trying standing guard passes, I’m leaning over, which is why I’m getting swept; need to keep my hips lower for better base. Tried to do that the rest of the round. Two, getting my shoulders in when someone’s getting a higher guard. Three, how to get better pressure in the hip with the ankle pick from class — treat it like breaking the guard, and get all the pressure on that near hip. Don’t grab the belt or even the pants, because that all slides sideways and past their hip. Four, control the hips first and foremost, then knees and elbows. Feet are more dangerous than hands, except grips. I think there was five and even six, but my brain is too tired to remember them.

Another guy had been hanging around, and he had a question about armbars. That eventually led to Justin talking about how many reps to mastery, and then he said, “I get most of my drilling when I’m rolling.” Lightbulb. Sorry, newbies, but you’re now my unwilling drilling partners. (Mwahahaha.)

‘K, need serious sleep.


2 responses to “Slow motion

  1. Steve says:

    Those fenom gis are tight. Couple of the ladies at my school are wearing them now. Sharp.

    Sleep’s been hard here, too. Allergies are making what sleep I get less restful than normal. I wake up more tired than when I went to bed.

    Take care.

  2. leslie says:

    @Steve: I hear ya. I’ve been going from no air conditioning to air to back, and I think that’s part of what’s messing me up. That, and staying up too late to get things done.

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