Tuesday, July 6, 2010, evening

Is it Tuesday? I’m so confused. Between last week (missing 2 days for Girls Camp and recovery) and this week (holiday on Monday), I have no idea what day it is. I walked around this morning thinking it was Wednesday, then this afternoon thinking it was Monday. *le sigh*

Adjustment before class. It’s been a week since the last one, and I could definitely tell the difference in my shoulders and neck the last few days — they haven’t hurt, but they’ve been tight. Immediately difference afterward.

Before class, Justin and Perry rolled for about 10 minutes, then I got slaughtered by Justin for another 15. I’m too slow, both in moving and in thinking. Urgh. Not even any pressure, either, and weak grips all around.

Rolling. Theresa first. Trying to throw more offense and to defend more to make her transition to prepare for the tournament. Then a round with Yoshi, who’s been gone for little while; he was going slow and easy, mostly, which is not how he usually rolls. Was a little strange. Then with the new guy. I worked sweeps from guard. He worked to kneel on my toe and batter my sunburned shoulders. Meh.

Drilling was a De La Riva sweep from guard to armbar. This did not feel good because Theresa had to spin directly on the sunburn on my chest. Ow. Ow. And, ow.

Rolling again. With Theresa again first. Then with the new guy again. He banged my toe around a few more times. I practiced pendulum sweeps and dismounts, with some RNCs thrown in when he handed them out.

I am befuddled by our new people right now. When I started, I knew from the beginning that I was only getting something or getting out because someone was letting me. If I didn’t get submitted in a round, I knew it was because either he hadn’t even tried to submit me or he was letting me defend and escape. I knew that the more experienced guys were letting me work and learn and not just smashing me, even though I knew that they very well could. I saw them roll with each other, and I understood that they didn’t roll that way with me. They were being nice and letting me play, so that I would like jiu-jitsu (would like them, too, I’m sure) and would keep coming back.

So when I roll with new people, I try to go easy and pass along that same initial experience of playing. At the end of the round, they’re breathing hard and sweating; I’m barely doing either. (I have learned that I can’t be loose and sloppy, else they’ll knee and elbow me everywhere. But I slow down and work for sweeps and position mostly.) Most people see me rolling before class with Tim, Justin, and Will, and I guess I’ve just assumed that they would notice the difference between how I roll there and how I roll with them. Maybe I don’t look like I’m doing anything substantial in those rolls, I dunno. But here lately, new people have made some comments after rolls with me — and with some of the higher belts, come to think of it — that makes me think that they don’t have a clue, mostly along the lines of “Hey, I’m pretty good at this: I didn’t have to tap that round.” Well, that might be because I didn’t try any submissions, hon…

Usually I just smile and nod and move away. I dunno, I guess I want them to understand without my having to smash them. Because they’re still new, and somewhere down in here, I am nice and want people to come back. (Mostly because I’m selfish and want good training partners. I remember when Justin told us the same thing, that he was going easy on us to teach us and keep us coming so one day we could be good training partners for him.) I guess I figure that since I figured it out when I was new that they ought to be able to, too.


10 thoughts on “Tuesday, July 6, 2010, evening

  1. Wow, that must be frustrating…you sure have a smaller ego than I do. I’d probably go hard on them for a round just to show them what I’m capable of. Kudos for walking away like a champ!

  2. It is not just you, that is a pretty common “new guy ailment”. What is even more frustrating/insulting is when the new guy gets really mad and slaps the mat, curses or does something obnoxious when you tap him. I have even seen blue belts do this. It happens most often when a higher rank is letting the lower rank control the match right up until the last minute or so, then the higher rank turns the tables and gets the tap. The lower rank thinks they just “got caught” or “did something stupid”. They just dont realize what was really happening and they dont understand why they keep “getting caught” in the last few seconds of the round.

  3. @Aparna: No, definitely not a small ego. Very large. Gets crushed a lot. 😛 I’m walking away more in astonishment and before I open my big mouth and say something snarky.

    I’ve thrown in sustained bursts of going harder with each of them, trying to show the difference, but they seem to have the idea that they are the difference. Argh!

  4. @BJJ Judo: So it’s not just my imagination, huh? I know we’ve had newer guys think this before, but right now it’s all the new guys — and even the new girls (which is probably the more frustrating to me).

    I guess I just don’t understand it. I knew from the day I walked in that if I was “getting” something on a higher belt that there was a large part of him allowing me to do it. I might do something “right” and he just wouldn’t counter it, even though I knew that he knew what to do. I see the contrast even more now when the higher belts are telling me that they’re increasing pressure on me — even though I actually know and can do a whole lot more, if they don’t want to let me have an inch, I’m not getting anywhere. And I don’t understand why other people don’t see this, too.

  5. The way to get through to the ones that are not complete knuckle heads is to tap them with the same move a few times in a row. The first time they may think “I just got caught”. The second time they might think “hmmm, I must be doing something wrong, but he/she wont get me with that one again”. Thrid time you get should be the break through. I say SHOULD because some knuck heads never seem to get it…

    My break through was very early on when my instructor told one of the Brown belts to tap me 15 times in a 5 min set. I was a big guy and he was a skinny guy. I remember thinking to myself, NO WAY am I going to time 3 times a min! Needless to say, he got his 15 taps with time to spare. It was a very hummbling experience 🙂

    PS sorry for the long comment

  6. @BJJ Judo: Comment as long as you want. Doesn’t bother me.

    And that is a great idea. I love it. Especially combining the two. Same move, over and over and over (and over and over and over). And do it without smashing, kind of a “Why, yes, I can do this to you all day. Why do you ask?”

  7. I’ve found that holding a conversation with someone else while dominating is a pretty effective way of proving your point. I also like to yell the name of a sub, then hit it anime style. Be careful with that one on super new people though, it can be really humiliating if you do it right.

  8. I’ve met a few guys like that. And I agree with BJJ Judo. I think it is important that you tap them just so they know that they have a LOT of room for improvement. They aren’t going to grow if they can’t learn what it feels like when a higher belt is really going. Unfortunately, I learn that way all too often! 😉

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