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Hi, Sundance

on July 5, 2010

Okay, you can stop reading now. I told you you’re not allowed. So, shoo! 😉

And that goes for everyone else who heard him on Saturday. Nothing to see here…

I am sunburnt again! I stayed out too long reading yesterday. Ouch.

Really small group tonight. I think most people either had more July 4th celebrations or thought that class was cancelled. (No class this morning — Adam thought the school wasn’t open, though I went and talked to Perry for a while until we decided Adam wasn’t coming. And after I’d done the best job ever taping my toe and my ankle. [You know, that would be so much easier if they were on the same foot.])

Rolling to warm up. With Theresa. Then new tense guy from last week. Just going easy with him. Mostly trying to sweep him and thinking about armbars and triangles; never had a good enough shot at one, though he gave up his back a lot. Then Adam, and whee! He was going slow, I could tell, but it was still fast, lol. He caught for a head-and-arm choke at one point, and I attempted the defense from Friday. Didn’t quite finish it up right, but he moved on from there. (And after class, we laughed at how he should’ve sent video of that to Carwin. [*le sigh* Such a beautiful first round.]) Then got a round with Justin, and again had to work out how to stop the breakdancing. I turtle, and I just seem to get stuck there. I should go with the Genie’s advice: “Exits are here, here, here, here, here, everywhere!” and just go. I think he’s using Jedi mind tricks on me, though.

Drilling was a double-under defense, then options: clock choke, reverse omoplata (but be careful, because it puts a whole lot of pressure on their arm, and if they don’t roll, you might break their shoulder), crucifix. But what we worked was taking the back to a bow-and-arrow choke.

Drilled with Theresa. During drilling she mentioned that she has another tournament this weekend. (US Grappling’s kids’ event in Ashland. I’m debating going as her coach and then hanging around for the ref certification on Sunday. Those are fun.) Rolling again, and with the tournament in mind, I worked more offensively so she’d have to defend and counter. Took her through an armbar-triangle-armbar-triangle. Then a round with Guillaume and another with Theresa. With him, I was again going slow, though working to get to the top and control positions. Landed on a guillotine, but other than that, just trying to work on movement.


3 responses to “Hi, Sundance

  1. clinzy says:

    As a totally non-biased person, I vote for you sticking around for the ref cert. I can absolutely offer crash space this time (insert embarrassed icon here).

  2. leslie says:

    @Chrissy: I’m gonna take you up on that. I told Theresa and her dad tonight that I would go.

  3. clinzy says:

    Sweet! Let me know when you’re going to get to RVA!

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