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I might have beat up a boy today…

on July 3, 2010

… and that’s “might have,” as in, “definitely did.” Oops. I tried to take it easy, I swears, but he was squirrelly enough that I had to use some pressure. (And LOL that my spellcheck agrees that “squirrelly” is a word. However, it doesn’t think “spellcheck” is. *snort*)

I got to class this morning, and we had guests. They come up about once a month (I think they’re from further southwest? Drive ~1 hour? Something like that.). And usually, it’s just two of them and they drill a little bit with each other for two hours and then leave. Talk to guys, but don’t often train with anyone. It’s odd. Today, though, they brought two more with them. Now, the two (semi) regular ones are big boys — 250? more? Big. One of their new friends was just barely smaller than they are. Kaila and Arkief were happy — boys bigger than them to play with.

The other guy with them, I thought he was someone’s kid at first. Didn’t pay much attention. I loosened up, and then Tim invited me to get smashed roll with him, which I’m all too happy to do. The things he catches me in — double omoplata crucifix armbar, or something like that. It’s fun, though. He let me work a few things, too. We rolled for 10-20 minutes.

Then, since the visiting guys weren’t really doing much, Tim decided to assign rolling partners to get them working. Scott got to take care of the newest big guy, and I got the little kid. But looking as he walked over, I realized that he was actually an adult, though still young, and just really small. My size. Exactly my size, in fact. I pegged him at 125. (Found out later, exactly right. I was 126 this morning.) Next to those other guys, though, he looked like he was 12.

As we were introducing ourselves, Tim said to him, “Now, I know you haven’t done this much before, but she has, so just enjoy the ride.” (Turns out that today was his 4th training session.) He was scrappy, though, so while I was trying to take it easy on him in many ways, I didn’t want to go too easy and find myself having to fight back; seemed better to control from the beginning and gradually loosen up.

Elevator sweeps, pendulum sweeps, armbars, kimuras, americanos, head and arm chokes, gullotines. I even accidentally submitted him from shoulder pressure alone. I didn’t mean to; I was in half guard and he had a death lock on my legs, so I was just trying to distract him, and then he tapped. According to the guys watching, I nearly had him another time with that, too; he was making faces and had his hand raised. (I think I freed my leg and got to mount.) The peanut gallery — mostly his guys and one of our not-so-brights — tried to help him escape an armbar, but they told him to turn the wrong way, which led to a deep rollover armbar and to his elbow popping 3 times before he could tap. Sorry, dude; was totally not trying to do that. The peanut gallery also kept trying to help him escape from under mount, and they seemed to be getting frustrated that he couldn’t upa out. He was game, though, and friendly, so we kept rolling for a good long while. He had to pause to rest a few times (he said they don’t usually roll so long), but he kept coming back for more. I tried to go lighter the longer we went because I could tell he was getting tired.

When he finally declared that he was done, I asked if there was anything he wanted to work on. He asked about escaping mount, since he couldn’t do it with me (I’d noticed one of his guys “teaching” upa earlier — and, frankly, teaching it wrong — but then falling over for the sweep and telling him he’d done it right. No, dude, not even close.), so I showed him the knee/elbow escape back to guard. Explained that upa‘s great and all, but that it’s harder to do 1) on guys with longer arms, since they post out of reach and 2) in nogi, since they just slide out. During rolling, I’d done the hands-in-armpits standing guard break (since, again, death grip with the legs), and he’d been so excited by that; showed him that, too, and then the standard cut-through knee pass to side control. I talked to him a bit, too, about being smaller and how it might take longer for the technique to seem to be working since we have to have it perfect or near perfect, while bigger guys can get away with part technique, part bench press.

As they were leaving, one of the big guys (who I think is their instructor) thanked me for working with the guy, and said that they’d brought him up here because he’s 125 and the next smallest guy at their place is 210. 😮 Holy. Freaking. Cow. And I thought I had it rough with an average 50-lb difference. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have stuck around long if the next closest guy was nearly 100 lbs heavier than me. I promised the big guys that we’d teach him small people jiu-jitsu tricks to annoy them. Hopefully they continue to bring him up with them so he can work with me and maybe Justin and Will, and can see that small people can make this work against larger guys.


3 responses to “I might have beat up a boy today…

  1. Jaime says:

    Hi Leslie,

    Nice job! Doesn’t it feel good to see your techniques working? Like Steve said in his recent post, celebrate this. Enjoy it.

    Don’t feel bad. The guy is new and if he had an issue with the way you were going he could’ve stopped and switched off with someone else. That’s his problem.

    He’ll learn in time and get better on his own. That’s not why you’re here. Although it’s nice to help people, ultimately you have to focus on yourself.

    I always tell that to the guys I roll with not to tell me what I did wrong. Open mat is not about me getting a free, private lesson. Whatever I mess up, I mess up and it’s my job to figure that out.

    Take the next day off and enjoy this, Leslie. Have a happy 4th!

  2. cjmajor says:

    Oh man poor guy! 100 pound weight difference?? That would suck. He’s either going to give up, or have sick technique.

  3. leslie says:

    @Jaime: Yes, it’s nice to see that it really does work. 🙂

    I don’t think he had a problem with it; he seemed to be having a good time, even when he’d get himself under mount yet again. I think he was also enjoying seeing that small people can learn and do jiu-jitsu.

    @cjmajor: No kidding! Hopefully he’ll continue coming up here to train; we’ve got guys all in between for him to work with.

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