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More thrashings

on July 1, 2010

Well, no sooner do I say that I finally feel like a blue belt than my browns and purples lay in to me. Doh. Justin came early. Once he got the creaks out, we rolled. It looked like this. (Georgette, there’s the link you were looking for the other day. Yeah, happens to me all the time, too.) For 30 minutes. If he wasn’t breakdancing on me, he was taking my back and choking me. Any way was the wrong way. Eh, so it doesn’t really matter which way I go, does it? Mkay, got it. But, just tried to remind myself that I don’t know everything yet and to just work what I do know. (And oh, boy, did he remind me of it, too.) When we finally stopped, Will pounced on me for another 10 minutes or so. Flat. Smushed. Lovely.

Class started with 10/side armbars, then 10/side armbar to other side armbar. Worked with Jess. I couldn’t pivot for nothing. (And why do instructors always seem to know to look when you do the worst one yet? *le sigh*) Then rolling with your partner. Trying to just go easy on her and get her in positions she knows. (Tim rolled with Theresa — that was funny to watch. She’s about as big around as his leg.)

Then got to roll with Tim. Just when I think the purples and browns have heavy pressure…! Don’t think I could ever get off the bottom, though I tried. Smashed and passed often. Oi.

Then with Theresa. Rolling first. Trying to work her through transitions; she’s going to another tournament next weekend, I think. Then drilled armbar to triangle to armbar. I tried a few, then let her drill the rest of the time.

That was class (odd to end on a drill). Then Will pounced on me again. I’m not sure exactly when class ended and how long we went, but it was probably 30-45 minutes, maybe even longer. Same as before, though he stopped this time to show me where I just needed a small adjustment to get it. Standing guard pass (hips in and push the knee). Frank Mir armbar (I’d caught it several times last weekend, but could never quite finish); then Justin showed how he finishes it — even better. Something else, I think. He let me get to his back and try to choke him several times, but never did quite get it in.

Class in the morning, and Open Mat — with gi! — tomorrow night.


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