I hate cold water!, or, Not a Good Toe Night

I’m currently sitting on the side of my bathtub, laptop balanced on my knees and right foot attempting to stay submerged in a bucket of ice water. It’s not going well. I don’t like cold water and can’t keep it in there for more than a few moments. But the whole side with my big toe is swollen, so this must needs be done.

The night started well. An adjustment (Tom’s on vacation, so someone was filling in for him. Not as efficient, but seems nice enough.), then Tim made it in early and we rolled. Somewhere in there, my toenail on my big toe on my left foot caught on the mat and ripped. I noticed, but kept going. And then I noticed it again a few minutes later, and a larger chunk was sticking up and hanging off. So excused myself to go cut that and tap that nail up since it was all jagged.

The rolling had been good, I think. I was fighting to keep pressure and to move forward and to get out. He was laughing and submitting me six ways from Sunday, but hey, it was fun and I felt like I was doing some things well. I think we went for 20-30 minutes.

Class started with an armbar from guard. There was also a choke from there, but I still can’t quite work it out. When you do it right, it’s fast and deep. Tim nearly choked me out with it at one point.

Started drilling with Sarah until Theresa joined class, then was moved over with her. We drilled the armbar, then the choke, then the armbar again.

Next was King of the Hill. Started with two guys on the mat playing guard. They had to sweep or submit. We had to pass. I kept trying to jump out there since no one else wanted to go and I wanted more reps, but Tim kept waving me off and waving the slow-pokes on. Mostly did miserably, but I did have one very near pass on Scott; just couldn’t quite turn back in in time.

Jumped in with Blue Belt Buddy at one point. I stepped; my right big toe curled back up under my foot; I yelped and dropped to the mat. That sucker hurts! Hurt to walk on even then — sharp pain right at the main joint there. Bah. I did try one more round, but was swept immediately because I couldn’t base off that foot at all. Then Tim waved me off from the rest.

There was finally a water break, and I ran hobbled to tape up the toe. But the rest of the class was conditioning drills, and I couldn’t put enough weight on that foot to do any. Did do some pushups with my knees on the tire, and shrimped off the other leg a little, but that was all I could manage.

Class actually ended on time (usually we run over), and usually I stay late to work something or just hang around, but tonight I lit out for home to stick this foot in ice. It seems to be swollen pretty good. I’ll RIICE it the rest of the night and tomorrow, and we’ll see how it is by class tomorrow night. (And whatever it does, it had better be fine by this weekend. You hear me, toe?)


3 thoughts on “I hate cold water!, or, Not a Good Toe Night

  1. Toe injuries are no fun. dislocated my pinky toe about 5-6 weeks ago. Still aches and I have to tape. It’s quite a distraction. Hope it heals fast.

  2. Toes are the joint of the DEVIL. I screwed up the big toe on my right foot 25 months ago (yes, I’m counting). It is still not 100%. I recommend getting some wrestling shoes, stat (and you can borrow mine this weekend if they’ll fit you). Oh, and remind me to tell you the story of my toe in a bucket of ice water with Brian in charge of the timer. The story ends up with Brian = evil.

  3. @G-Stamp: I’ve done that, too. Occasionally still bugs me. Much hate.

    @Chrissy: Yes, yes, they are. I’ve considered cutting mine off before. This toe was already screwed up — haven’t been able to shoot on that side nearly since I started. Maybe the extra rest will help with that, too?

    Even if I have to take extra time off next week to let it recover, I’m certainly not letting it get in the way this weekend.

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