In the morning…

…the fears from the night don’t seem so realistic.

Just me and Adam this morning. As much as I know we need to get more people coming in the mornings, I do rather like having a private lesson 3x/week with him. Rolled to warm up. Still nothing right, but it didn’t seem so bad. Rolled for maybe 20 minutes. A few pauses to show me things.

He asked if there was anything I wanted to work. I picked passing open guard. I can sometimes even get my knee through, but they push me sideways and I can’t get further. So he showed me how to start switching my hips and come through and what to do if they try other things to slow me down. (He did say, though, that this may still be hard against Will and Justin and some of those guys because they have good open guards.) Also pointed out that I need to work on my top game and on creating crushing pressure, and that I’ll need every pound I have to do that. Even told me to start asking guys to let me start in guard (and if they don’t let me, then tell him and he’ll mash them!) so I can practice passing and working on top. Finally talked about not hesitating and just going for the top and passes and if you get swept, then you get swept; you just learned another little bit about what not to do.

We rolled again. More pauses to show things. Like on that shoulder lock from Wednesday — can set it up from side control, when they turn over and you’re starting to set in that armlock; turn it into that instead. Sneaky. There was something that I loved — and I hope that shoulder lock was it, because I can’t remember anything else. That’s the problem with early mornings: brain isn’t functioning well enough to remember much.

(And weird, somehow this post didn’t get published on Friday, and now WordPress wants to publish it on Tuesday.)

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