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The Tramp Stamp Sweep

on May 21, 2010

Open Mat tonight. Me, Justin, and Will. Will and I got there first, so we started rolling. When Justin got there, we did round-robin 10-minute rounds for a while. I was falling apart. Gift-wrapping every submission known to man, plus one that Justin made up on the spot, and lots of leg waving. Making no space for myself whatsoever. Nearly tapping to side control (I let him take the arm instead and tapped to that, but then did tell him I was just about to do it). Caught Will’s back when he tried something silly, then had the RNC in for something like 2 minutes and couldn’t even get close to finishing. Most people hit plateaus. I fall off the cliff on the side of the plateau.

Paused in the middle to review elevator sweep, hereafter known as the Tramp Stamp Sweep because that’s how low your hand needs to be in nogi. Also, T-rex your —

My left arm just went out. Useless. Typing one-handed now. Not as bad at it as I thought (though shifting requires some thinking).

Anyway, T-rex your elbow in there to keep it in & down, so no space for whizzering. Backing up: make this one move, from the moment you first frame from flattened butterfly and lift with your legs to the moment you base out in mount or take their arm home. Not: get up, then slide in, then secure the underhook, then grab the arm, then sweep. By then it’s too late. It’s boom! and done. Practiced some. I got a little better at chaining the first two more smoothly, but I seem to hit the brakes right before the sweep.

They also told me to really focus on getting and fully using underhooks. I’m getting them sometimes, but I’m not making it deep [Ah, left arm came back online] and am not fighting to keep it. They showed me a couple of places where I was doing that, so will try to fix.

Also, x-guard or double hook — the front/bottom foot needs to catch their leg on top of my ankle, rather than further up my shin, which is where I’ve been getting it. Especially with shorter legs, I’m getting very little sweeping or unbalancing action there. Short lever. Need long lever. Also need to focus on grabbing the far foot and pulling it in really tight and on hooking the other leg deep.

Arm’s nearly out again, so should wrap this up. Class in the morning.


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