Article for the Girls

Go read: Tips for Female Grapplers: when a (small) girl meets a (big) boy (via stumptuous).

Especially note the “Beyond technique” section toward the bottom. The most awesome quote ever:

Submitting someone you drastically outweigh simply by muscling through a technique is about as cool as punching a 7 year old.

And I’m so using that half-guard escape. It’s lovely!

4 thoughts on “Article for the Girls

  1. Cool! Good article with loads of great tips, so definitely putting that in the FAQ. Thanks for the link!

    It’s only a very small part of the overall article, but I’m less keen on the way she emphasises things like driving your weight into ‘nerve bundles’, or shoving your forearm under their nose to lift the head for a choke.

    I don’t think either of those are illegal (AFAIK), but I have an aversion to pain compliance techniques like that, as opposed to leverage and clean mechanics.

  2. I love that quote too.

    Also, I think the article is quite helpful for any girl that spends most of her time rolling with the boys, not just for the little girls.

  3. Great article. Being female, I get paired with other women often, and all of them are on the small side, while I’m well on the large end and they give me grief since they’re able to slip into so many little holes and corners.

    I got some great tips for women and a better understanding of how small opponents move.

  4. @slidey: (It’s late, so this might not make sense.) I think of it more as really focusing where you’re putting your weight and pressure. Not so much pain as discomfort, I think. I know there’s a way to actually cause real pain with those techniques, but I also think there’s a way to do them in a way that only causes mild enough discomfort so that they react and move away. They’re not submissions in themselves.

    @Laura: You’re right, I should (and did) change the title of my post. That article is for all girls.

    I saw a forum post by another not-small girl who said that the part explaining body fat % was helpful to her, that it helped her feel better that she couldn’t do more against guys her own weight because, as Krista said, they have more lean muscle. (That also means that, holy cow, I’m fighting guys with 50+ lbs more muscle than I have! Geez! I’m even littler than I thought!)

    @Megan: Oh, noes, you know our secrets! LOL. 😛

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