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Therapy is hard!

on March 5, 2010

One more PT session today. Started on the elliptical; this time I heard her say 10 minutes. Then adductor, abductor, and knee extension on the machine, 4 x 15 each leg. Then 4 x 10 leg press, each leg. Then 5 x 10 leg extension. Had to get a pillow and put in front of my shins; I have several bruises there, and the pad was right on top of them. Then to the free-standing. Started with the med ball bounce + balance. Actually felt like I was doing well on that one; trying really, really hard not to drop the other foot. Then 4 x 10 single-leg deadlift; did it on both legs so I’ll be equally sore. Across my back was hurting on that one, right across the middle. Probably rounding my back and not using my glutes/hamstrings enough. Then 4 x 10 bicycle/hamstring stretch thingy. That actually took an hour, and I was sweating pretty good in there, too.

I asked about lateral movements and jumping, which I’ve still been wary of, so they had me do ski jumps (both feet jump together from side to side) down and back a taped line, then grapevine running straight ahead (right leg touches on the left side, left leg on the right) down and back. LOL, I was having a hard time with the latter because I couldn’t get my brain and my legs to cooperate; tripped myself a few times. But overall it did a lot better than I’d thought it would. They said everything’s looking good. I have one more appointment scheduled for next Thursday, but I can call and cancel if my knee seems to be doing really well.

Still need to do some easing back in and some strength/cardio training to get back up to snuff. But it’s getting better!!


2 responses to “Therapy is hard!

  1. Yay!! Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery!!

  2. leslie says:

    @Allie: Thanks! So am I! 🙂

    I still need to rein myself in and not jump straight back as if I were back to my old self. That may be the hardest part yet!

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