Trampoline Fun

PT this morning. He put me on the elliptical to warm up, which I have never been on before. (Never was a cardio bunny, and always figured that thing would find a way to fling me off.) Awkward movement, but it didn’t hurt the knee. I went for 10 minutes, and then started working backwards. Backwards is hard!! He came in a few minutes later and asked how long I’d been going. I said it was on thirteen and a half minutes, and then he said he’d only wanted 10 minutes. Oops. I couldn’t count today…

The adductor machine next, for inside and outside hip, 4 x 15 each leg. Then single-leg deadlift (I think) — start standing on the injured leg; bend forward until hands are on the ground while simultaneously bringing the other leg straight out behind. Holy. Cow. Ouch. Glutes, especially, hurting. (So, of course, I liked ’em!) 4 x 10 on the right leg, and I interjected sets of 5 on the other leg to rest.

Back to the adductor machine for leg extensions, 4 x 15. Then the trampoline + balance drill: balance on the pad on the injured leg. About 4 feet in front of me, he’d propped a mini-trampoline against a chair, and then he handed me a small medicine ball. I had to throw the med ball at the trampoline so it would bounce back to me while I balanced on the pad. 2 minute rounds. That. Hurt. So. Much. But it was also a lot of fun. 😀

One more machine — leg press, but he unhooked the foot pedals from each other. 4 x 10, each leg, bringing my knee first all the way to my chest and then pushing out.

Last one, lie down and shoot your hips up straight, then prop them up there with your hands. One leg at a time, keep it straight and lower your foot toward the floor behind your head until you get a stretch in your hamstrings. Another owie one, mostly core related. I was supposed to use ankle weights on it, but they were just slightly too heavy and kept pulling both feet down.

We talked for a minute afterward, and he said I’m doing well. He thinks I may need one more week of PT, but he’ll decide for sure on Friday. He was also glad that I’d rolled on Saturday and that the knee had done well, and he said I should drill and even roll a little (if it’s feeling up to it) before Friday and let them know how it holds up.

Blogs, blogs, blogs — I’m still discovering lots of new BJJ blogs! My Blogroll page is continually updated with them.

Also, another me being really slow: if you find a blog in a different language, you can subscribe to it in Google Reader and then select “Translate into my language” under the Feed Settings. It’s not perfect, but it’s close enough that you can get the gist of it.

3 thoughts on “Trampoline Fun

  1. Good tip – I hadn’t thought of that translate option. 🙂

    Cheers for the new blogs, as always. My spreadsheet is up to 269 now, and I’m also trying to add in location details.

    Do you reckon it is better to sort by name, date added or location? As I just look for the new ones when I check updates to your blog roll, I’ve been using date added, but perhaps that isn’t the best option.

  2. @slidey: Whoa, you found a bunch more, too!

    I have mine sorted by name because I download the file Google Reader and do some Word/Excel magic on it to create the list, rather than trying to maintain a list by hand. I stick “New” in front of one that isn’t in my main list yet. — Though I might have just thought of a way to do that easier… hmm… will have to try…

    I think it’s helpful to have newly-discovered blogs set off somehow, so they’re easier to find/notice.

    I like the Location idea you’re doing — I think it would be cool to see blogs grouped by geographic location. (Or by writer’s belt rank, or, or, or… I can run off on lots of useless but potentially interesting ways to sort them. 😛 )

  3. If I had things my way, I’d be playing with pivot tables, but I’m not sure they translate to Google Docs after uploading. Will give it a go anyway once I’ve got the location columns filled in, for my own interest if nothing else. 😉

    Most unfortunate that it seems spreadsheets become static after uploading to Google (unless you share them, presumably, but I’m too much of a control freak for that). Ideally, I’d be able to upload a pivot table which other people could shift around to the format they wanted, with a default setting always loading up initially.

    Ah, if only I had a higher geek rating… 🙂

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