No more snow!

It snowed again today. 1-2 inches. Ack! Stop! Tired of snow now! I was excited back in December when it all started because we hadn’t had a white Christmas in a while. But it won’t go away, and I’m getting annoyed with this weather.

Tim is reluctant to let me roll still, so he said he wants me to be able to do the warmup before letting me roll. I tried, and actually did make it on jogging. High knees, my brace stopped me from getting my knee all the way up; butt kicks, could do. Side-to-side… er… no. Didn’t want to try, so Tim had me sit for the rest of the warmup. I did my exercises on the side again.

I think next time, I’ll throw in lunges or something for the side-to-sides, and then at least try the others. And that might be plenty.

They rolled next, but one of them took forever getting water after the warmup, so Tim did let me in. Newer guy who’s generally been very explosive on everybody, so I was a little apprehensive. But when I told him that I’m coming back from an LCL injury, he said he’d had to have surgery on his just a year or so ago, so he totally understood. I think, though, that made him reluctant to engage much; most of the round was him sitting back and me trying to break his posture. Did try several armbars and a triangle and several sweeps — and even some spider guard — though none were close to doing much; just couldn’t get his posture down. I think I surprised him when he couldn’t dislodge my grip in his collar.

Then I sat and watched a round or two more. Tim had them start from standing, since it was a small class, and I definitely didn’t want to do that yet. Jason the Traveling Judoka was here tonight, and he had some purty throws.

Drilling was upa from mount, two variations. First, when they feed a hand in your collar; trap the arm, bridge, and roll. Second, their arms aren’t handy to attack, so bump them down, swim around and grab the belt, bridge, and roll.

Picked up a new detail in the first — once you trap their arm, bump once to bring them forward & off-balance, and then bridge and roll. Much easier.

On the second, Scott showed me where I was swimming my arm low and so having to fumble for the belt. He showed me instead to come up high and go straight for the belt, and then pinch in with the elbow to trap the arm. Some trouble with that one simply because once I bump them down and they land on their hands, they’re usually almost out of my reach!

More rolling, from standing again. I watched again.

Tomorrow night off (though they’ve started doing grappling during the kids’ TKD class on Wednesday night, so I may start going to help and/or to work with the little TKD girl in our class — she’s way more advanced than the other kids in her class). Might be heading up to the tournament in Richmond this weekend to take pictures and video for a couple of the guys.

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