New friend

I have a new friend:

No review from me beyond “Ooo, I like!”, but see Georgette’s and Meg’s (the latter with a geek’s measurement heaven 😉 ).

I love the feeling of wearing a new gi to class, when everyone’s remarking how snazzy it is and you get to point out all the cool features (“Feel it, it’s so soft!”).

Nearly Non-Happy Ending

When I ordered the gi, I used Paypal. I’ve ordered stuff with Paypal since I moved, and it’s always come to my current address, so I didn’t bother to look at the address on the online receipt. I waited, and the gi didn’t come. And I waited, and the gi didn’t come. I finally checked the tracking number and saw that USPS had left a notice… which we never got. Then I checked Paypal and found that it had offered my old address as the shipping address. Ack! (I took off the old address so that wouldn’t happen again.) Thankfully, Triin had used Delivery Confirmation, so the package was still at the post office. I just had to go in and prove who I was and that that was indeed my box. Whew! Disaster averted.

One of the little Tae Kwon Do girls has started our class. (There is no kids’ BJJ class, and no plans to add one.) She does the regular warmup, and then someone will drill and roll really lightly with her. But she’s trained some BJJ before, at a previous school, so she knows some basics, and she’s a little monster going after submissions. The guys’ arms are nearly as big as she is, but she’ll grab hold and try to get it. Some of the guys were commenting tonight that she’s better than some of the white belts who’ve been coming for a few months! (She’s just itty-bitty, so they move very slowly for her — but she’ll try to capitalize on anything they leave for her.)

While they warmed up, I started tonight with my knee mobility exercises, then moved in to 1-minute balance drills on both legs and finally a version of my PT exercise (didn’t have my band, so just moved my left leg in the air). My leg just above the knee started hurting (IT band, maybe?); I tried to roll it out on a medicine ball, but that’s not quite the same thing. 😛 I tried to do something else — forgot what now — but it hurt the knee, so I sat and watched the first round of rolling.

Once again, technique I need. Dive-under pass, for when someone is about to pass your butterfly guard. So they’ve got one hook clear, and it’s really only a matter of time before they’re around; you’ve already lost the pass. With the opposite arm from the side they’re passing to, come around on the other side of their head and grab their belt/pants. (So now your upper body is on one side of their head, and this the side they’re passing to.) Now it’s a timing thing. As they pass your knee, dive your free arm and head under their hips. You can kick your still-butterflied leg up (they’re past it anyway) to help guide them over. You slide right under them, and they end up rolling across your upper body. Continue to roll through. As you finish the roll, slide your free arm through their top arm, come to your knees, and start controlling for the armbar or kimura.

This move works by using their momentum. I saw several guys having trouble with it, though, because they did not want to give up that pass — they absolutely did not want the guy to pass their leg, so they’d try to do it too early (well before he was near to passing the knee) or would frame up by posturing on their elbow (and so were in their own way).

I did work this one a couple of times on the little TKD girl, though we went slow and I didn’t get to really work the timing. Could only do it on the one side, though, and couldn’t come to my knees afterward. (Tried once. Bad idea.)

PT in the morning, and then I’ll go to class tomorrow night.

3 thoughts on “New friend

  1. I love seeing how kids do BJJ have so much energy, spirit and a complete lack of inhibition. we have a couple of 10 and 11 year-olds in our adult class and they really have no fear! When these kids are 15-16 they’re are gonna be awesome.

  2. @Allie: I like it, too. So soft and so light.

    @Seymour: She’s about 10 or 11, too, I think. She just jumps right in there with the big guys. Tim tells her something, and she gets it right away (while he might have to tell the college boys several times for several weeks before they get it!).

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