Thursday, nogi, Jan 07, 2009

Work today was abysmal — I couldn’t do anything right there, either. Even looked at my notes from yesterday and had no idea what I’d meant or what I was supposed to be doing. Not good. So it’s not just my rolling that’s all messed up right now…

Still small classes, though 3 new guys tonight. Rolling to warm up. Started with Will. I remembered to say that I would mostly be looking to work off the bottom, and he nodded and obliged me; times he started to give up top to let me work, but I’d sit down, then he’d remember and take top. After the horrible day at work, I was expecting my jiu-jitsu to follow suit, but it actually showed up tonight. It was slow, sometimes sputtery, occasionally stupid, but mostly there. Hmm. Of course, he was helping by going slow and feeding me positions and openings. Gave up my back once and then a RNC. Tapped once when he got my legs tangled. He looked at me as if to say, “I didn’t do anything, so why’d you tap?” I offered that I hadn’t known how to roll out and didn’t want to injure myself going the wrong way. Did try the London bridge that Dev posted about on Allie’s blog, but didn’t get it. Probably not far enough under his hips. This roll seemed really short.

Next round, Tim sent one of the new guys to roll with me. I’d rolled with him on Monday, though the other guys are brand new. Same as on Monday, if I twitched, he pounced and held it down and squeezed. Used that to my advantage at times; I’d wave a limb to distract him and then move another way. I remembered that I should have worked a higher guard on Monday, so I moved to that a couple of times. That led to panicked spazzing, though. He tried to break my guard solely by digging his elbows into my thighs. Doesn’t hurt, dude. I opened my guard — never when he was digging, though, because I didn’t want to validate that — to try bump sweep or kimura and scissor sweeps (once a pendulum, too), but every time he’d start flailing and trying to jump over me. A few times, when I’d go for the bump sweep, he’d wrap both arms around me and try to turn my face back down in to the mat, then hold and squeeze and breath in my ear. Meh. Most times I’d just recompose guard or get a hook in and a little sweep, though once I missed and he leaped over and bellyflopped on my injured ribs. Ugh.

He hasn’t paid attention to side control, apparently, though he always tries to approximate scarf hold. He just lays on top and squeeze; no underhook, so I can get out once the first squeeeeeze is over with. The first time I did and went straight to his back, and he said, “Oh, good job.” (I’m probably just being cranky, but the tone came off sounding as if he expects me to know nothing, is surprised when I get something, and/or is trying to sound as if he let me get that. Makes me very grouchy when new guys do that, and then I really really want to choke them out. I tried, but couldn’t quite finish anything.) He started twisting fingers again, so I said something to him and he stopped for a little while. I think I got mount next and worked for an americano. His arms were always in position, but he’d spaz as soon as I touched one. Did resist a few spaz rolls, though finally gave up and let him slam me over. Preferred to be in guard anyway. Got his back a second time, maybe a third, but couldn’t finish; he’d get a death grip on my wrists and pull. Did get him flattened out once; don’t remember why I couldn’t finish from there.

Don’t remember what I did, but I gave up my back at one point. He spazzed then, too, trying to finish, but again, he must not know the RNC. Sure, he was squeezing my head and I couldn’t move, but there was no chance of a finish, so I just waited him out. He did cross his ankles, so I went for the ankle lock; he started kicking his legs around, though, so I let go, but that loosened his arms and I got my shoulders to the mat. He spasmed his way into mount. Knee/elbow, back to guard.

Drilling next. Mount to armbar. You’re in mount, and they’re T-rexing their arms, but up high to protect their neck. Reach behind their head with one hand and then pull up, driving your elbow into their shoulder. Now slide up and around to the side opposite the arm that’s grabbing their head to get in position for the armbar.

I worked with Brandon, and we just went to the s-mount there and then reset. Justin stopped by us at one point and showed us to keep control of their head even until you’re stretching out the armbar, like the choke or armbar we did with the gi, so then we started locking up the arm and sitting back partially. We drilled for a long time, so we started resisting each other more. I noticed that when he was resisting, I’d sometimes have to hold my position and concentrate on driving that elbow into his shoulder and wait for him to relax, else I couldn’t drive past his elbow and get to the s-mount. I should have also asked him to bridge some so I could go back to mount control, but I didn’t think of it until later.

One more roll. Grabbed Brandon. He asked me what was wrong with my foot, since I had it all taped up again, and I told him Sundance broke my toe. Said I’d mostly be looking to stay on the bottom because of it; as with Will, he’d sometimes try to go to his back, I’d just sit back down, and then he’d come up and take top. I started trying to pull guard, while he started with a knee up. We got into a position that Buddy and I had once drilled an escape for, a half-guard to the back — which I conveniently can’t find right now — so I went for it and hit it beautifully… and then brought my head up too quickly, too center-line, and too square, and cracked my face on his forehead. We stopped for a few seconds to check me out, but I was okay so we kept going. It might be a big bruise tomorrow, though.

I had a switch escape (!!), thanks to John’s help, though he scrambled away. I think I need to come through closer to their leg. Got good position for several more but couldn’t move fast enough to get them. Tried several single-leg sweeps, but couldn’t get them and couldn’t switch to the underneath sweep there because his base was too good. Somehow did get mount once — no clue how — and went for the move from class; he bumped out, though. Gave up my back again (!!), but recognized it quickly and started moving before he could establish control. Tried the turtle sweep a couple of times when he let me work from there, but must have been fouling it up because it didn’t work.

I’m heading up the road to Richmond for a class tomorrow night, an open mat Saturday, and an open mat Sunday. Large girl population predicted on the mats this weekend. Yayness!

I already had a last generation iPOD Shuffle, but I asked for and got a new iPOD Nano for Christmas, mostly for the camcorder (with the idea of Sub Only tournaments and 50-min matches, so I wanted the extra recording time over something like a Flip). The nice bonus is the screen and the ability to choose different playlists, which I can’t do on the Shuffle. Now I can choose between my music and podcasts while I’m at work.

I’ve been listening to Quarter Share on Brian’s recommendation, and I really like it. The writing is very good (as they taught you in English class, reading aloud is the best way to catch things, and this reads very smoothly and with plenty of “show, don’t tell”), and there are clever turns in the story. It’s been a learning experience for me to hear a book rather than read it, especially because I read so fast; I’d’ve been done with this book in an evening if I were reading. I have to focus on listening and can’t multitask at all (not even something like writing right now), else I miss what happens. The pace at the beginning of the book was slow and felt much slower since it’s being read, but I’m now past that point and the pace and plot are rolling along.

4 thoughts on “Thursday, nogi, Jan 07, 2009

  1. “I’d’ve” – that’s great!

    Listening to audiobooks involves a lot of pausing for me. If I have to read or type anything I always pause, otherwise I end up with gibberish. But there are definitely a lot of things I can do while listening.

    There are some other advantages, too. Listening really locks a book in to my memory. I remember the entire story and where I was when I listened to each part. Also, I’m the slowest reader in the world. It took me like 5 minutes to proof read this comment.

  2. Congrats on having a better night of rolling! Good job on the switch escape as well! Yeah, I hate it when guys that walk into class on their first day expect to fight like BJ Penn and then act shocked when a girl catches something on them. There are a few guys at my school whose games still consist of locking me up and muscling me. But the good news is, like you said, after they squeeze and waste their energy, you can move out and take their back or catch an arm or whatever. Eventually they’ll learn.

  3. @Brian: I was an English major, so I feel I have full permission to break all the rules. And make up new ones. 😉

    I think I’ve managed to eat and to some laundry while listening. But otherwise, I have to listen, listen, listen.

    @Allie: I’m just glad I was able to give my partners something better than a dead fish.

    As for the muscleheads, I always feel as if I should be able to do what I want with them, yet I can’t. They don’t play nicely, and they just convulse and panic, so I try to control and defend and wait them out.

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