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Dirty, dirty minds

on December 31, 2009

My new license plate is generating controversy.

My sister (27 yrs old) and my brother (23 yrs old) have both told me that my license plate will be misinterpreted by people who don’t know BJJ. And in a very dirty, dirty way. (Take out the second “J”. Now come up with a sex act with those initials. Apparently the double “R” makes it worse [and is what makes the second “J” irrelevant], but “GIRL” would make it even more worse. I never saw it that way, but then a. I do jiu-jitsu and b. my mind doesn’t go straight to the gutter like theirs.)

My brother is concerned enough that he, the stingy miser himself, said he would pay to get me new plates. He says he’s really worried about what people might do. And that, at the least, I might find my car keyed, because that’s what kids in my town do to promiscuous girls, especially ones who flaunt it.

I’ve sent a picture of the license plate out to several non-BJJ friends and asked them to ask their friends how they’d interpret it, since I have few non-BJJ friends who don’t know I do BJJ. There are a couple of stickers on the car that say either MMA or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (spelled out), but my brother is worried that no one will see those and will just interpret it how they want to.

So I guess my question is, what would you do? Should I keep it and choke or knock out anyone who tries to make it dirty? Add more stickers to make it more obvious? Or take my brother’s money and try to find something else?

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9 responses to “Dirty, dirty minds

  1. grappledunk says:

    I wonder sometimes what people think of the BJJ sticker on my car. I haven’t taken it off, though.

  2. leslie says:

    @grappledunk: Yeah, that’s it, too — I already have several BJJ stickers (and want more). So even if I change the plate, I’ll still have the “naughty” letters all over my car.

    I did talk to Tim and a few of the guys yesterday (they were setting up our temporary academy, which is huge and awesome). Tim was actually the one who told me, since my brother chickened out and asked him to. Tim said he likes it, even after my brother had told him the possible alternate meaning; Tim just said I needed to know that people might be misinterpreting it and that every wave on the road is not a friendly “Hey, let’s roll!” wave.

  3. Chris says:

    I wonder how many other abbreviations and letter combinations out there could mean something suggestive to dirty little minds. Hey, where does it stop? People with that kind of thinking will always interpret everything from that angle. And even if you ran every word or abbreviation through a ‘dirty meaning checker’, you could still end up in trouble as there could be a dirty meaning in another language or in 5 year’s time. So why worry.

    I think that as long as you have BJJ stickers that spell out the whole words, even the thickest of dirty minds will ‘get it’.

    Maybe you could add another sticker that says “you toucha my car, I rip your arms out!”

  4. leslie says:

    @Chris: You’re right; probably doesn’t matter what I do, someone will find something wrong in it. (We even tried to come up with alternates yesterday, and my brother found something “dirty” in all of them. Anything with “choke” or “fighter” or “submission” = S&M. *gag*)

    I was reminded of Steph’s sex bracelets post, which I had just read earlier yesterday (because, honestly, when there’s a tag called “sex bracelets” in your sidebar, it’s just begging to be clicked). Apparently jelly bracelets, which I used to own a ton of, are now wearable sex codes. Blech.

    I’ll leave this poll up a little longer, since I’m still interested in comments/votes (besides, it’s my first poll), but unless someone can give me a really good reason, I’ll keep the plates and get lots more stickers.

  5. Tom D says:

    Love it, love it, love it!!! Keep the plates, choke out any dissenters.

  6. Laura says:

    Where I live there are 4 letters on the plates then 3 letters. The government has issued plates with the letters BDSM, google it. So funny to see all the little old ladies with the plates.

    Do you think that enough people will pay attention to your plates that you will get into trouble?

  7. leslie says:

    @Tom: Thanks 🙂

    @Laura: Whoa!! That’s just wrong! But definitely giggle-worthy with the little old ladies.

    I have no idea if anyone will say anything. I sure hope not. It passed through the Department of Motor Vehicles and didn’t raise any flags there.

  8. Anil Philip says:

    My 2 cents: make your own sticker and add below the plates by printing out and covering the paper neatly with wide transparent tape, “BJJ – Brazilian Jiujitsu”

  9. leslie says:

    @Anil: Lol, make my own dictionary, huh? 😛

    I’ve ordered 4 bumper stickers: 1 Tapout (because I figure every idiot will likely know that), and then 3 BJJ from CafePress. That might be enough coverage…

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