Goals 2010

This post is going to have all the goals, mini-goals, ideas, etc., that I want to work on in 2010 (even though I’m starting in December 09). Before, I’ve made small lists and abandoned them when I decide something else is more pressing. But this time, this one post will hold everything I come up with, even the ones I’m not currently working on.


  • Be fearless
  • Get on top/escape the bottom
  • Roll/move instead of staying in turtle (& move before getting stuck!)
  • Ditto for side control
  • Be patient
  • Attack, attack, attack!
  • Active, not passive
  • Elbows in!
  • Back/hips not flat!
  • Crushing side control
  • Learn ankle lock and kneebar defenses
  • Start a DVD library. Also, more books.
  • Develop a tournament/”A” game. Write it down!! Practice it!!
  • More takedowns — develop 1 or 2 “go to” takedowns
  • Hips are everything
  • Get back down to & maintain 120-125lbs
  • 10 chinups and 5 pullups
  • 10 clapping pushups
  • Focus on weight placement
  • Stay tight & controlled
  • Position -> Posture -> Pressure ->Patience
  • Stay calm. Breathe.
  • Grips: get mine. Strip theirs.
  • Feisty and Scrappy (but not spazzy)
  • Keep moving
  • “All jiu-jitsu should be based on how you feel your opponent.”
    -Saulo Ribeiro, Jiu-jitsu University
  • Get head control.
  • “Climb them like a ladder.” –Mike Crawford
  • Smooth & precise. Economical.
  • Get more sleep each night. (Notes at night; blog in the morning.)
  • Go to more women’s Open Mats & seminars & tournaments.
  • Work through Jiu-Jitsu University and Blue Belt Requirements.
  • Talk to my coach and training partners more.
  • Do not let them pass guard!
  • Tap more. (That is, try stuff. Tap if it doesn’t work. Try again.)
  • Conscious goals and strategies when rolling with different people.
  • Play.
  • “The battle now is to utilize the best technique, at the right time, in the right manner.” — Small Axe BJJ

20 thoughts on “Goals 2010

  1. Hi Leslie,

    I read in one of your last posts about how frustrated you are and that’s OK. I’m going through that as well. I’m hit a major plateau lately and it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna end, but it will.

    The same will happen to you. You’re gonna see in a little bit all of a sudden it’ll just click. Just like everyone else you’ve been here before and you’ll work out of it; get here again and work out of it.

    Good luck with everything!

  2. @Carlo: Thanks for the encouragement. πŸ™‚

    I know it will come; I just rather wish it would come now, lol. So I added “Be patient” to my list of goals: patient with myself, patient with my progress, patient with waiting for openings to move, and any other places I find I need patience.

  3. Secret Hidden goal 1: knee a spaz in the face
    Secret Hidden goal C: get someone to tap from knee on belly
    Unreachable goal 14: Find a cure for full body tourettes (spazzing)

  4. @Tom: LOL!

    Actually, C wouldn’t be too bad; I’ll call it “Be heavy from all positions.” And not the face; I’d aim a bit lower on a spaz πŸ˜‰

  5. Im going to do some training goals of my own for the year very soon. Any idea where i can get longer legs to make my triangles work?

  6. “Position, Pressure, Patience” -This is a great one that I need to add to my list as well. I tend to flow to much sometimes and not make my opponent feel uncomfortable before moving on to another position. Great list!

  7. @Seth: Ha, I hadn’t even thought of those three as a sequence, but rather as three separate things that just got listed together. But you’re right, they do work as a 1-2-3 combination, and that’s how I should work them. Thanks!

  8. I like how you added quotes to your list of things to accomplish. I recently wrote a list of things I want to accomplish in life. Eventually I will specify what I want to accomplish with time frames.
    Great idea on the developing a competition game and practicing it. Don’t let it get rusty and keep adjusting!

  9. @Rome Za: LOL, I have to actually make a tournament game first. Right now, it’s more “Oh, crap, tournament time! Erm, takedown? Um, now what?” I need to consciously develop one and then start practicing imposing it during class.

    Hmm, might should get started on that sooner rather than later…

  10. Hey, great site! I just found this because my wife is starting bjj with me, and I wanted to find some support for her (other than me). Not surprisingly I found a lot of great info that I can use as well! tonight is her first class, but the school is new right now so not many people. She will be the first girl, so hopefully some more will come. I will try and get her on here to introduce herself!

    My goals are hips hips hips! I don’t move my hips nearly enough for sweeps, shrimping, and the elusive triangle. Also to play more on the bottom. I am a good sized guy, and I do ok on top, but a lot of big guys should take more advantage of working their guard. better for you and better for smaller partners who appreciate not having your 230lbs on them!

  11. Good post! It’s funny I found this because I overheard the women in class last night talking about 2011 game-changing goals. One lady even hired a strength conditioning coach. I guess everyone is getting geared up for the upcoming tourneys.

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