If not for the rain…

…would we ever be thankful for the sun?

Icky weather, rainy and foggy. Icky practice, gripping and squeezing.

The testers we hired at work continue to change the tests to match what they heard, rather than mark the test as “fail” and submit it. And except that several tests failed colossally and they had to submit tickets on them, we wouldn’t have known; they had tried to alter one of those first. Also, they did most of their testing on the previous iteration of the system, which means most of them [should have] failed since the bugs that were being tested were not fixed until the current iteration. *headdesk*

We just rolled for one hour and fifteen minutes. Same partner. Didn’t even get a warmup phase, just immediate grabbing sleeves and forcing me into a triangle. He did get several of those; I don’t have the strength to resist, and I can’t break his grips. My knee up means nothing. My other shoulder in means nothing. Didn’t even start sweating until long in to the round, since being locked down isn’t much of a workout. My grips were worthless. All my weight counted for nothing; I got picked up from every position and tossed elsewhere. I apparently had no pressure, as he’d just do whatever he wanted. He tried to long-distance armbar and triangle me multiple times (as in, he barely had my arm, and sometimes my elbow could even be below his hips, and he’d just squeeze and pull), and he still nearly finished several of those as well. Everything he shouldn’t have been able to do, he did. Everything I should have been able to do, I couldn’t.

3 thoughts on “If not for the rain…

  1. Man, sorry you had such a crappy night. And such a crappy grappling partner. I hate it when guys just try to muscle me. But the cool thing is knowing that their success doesn’t rest on their technique and that if I was going with someone who was my size who tried to pull that same crap, I’d kick their butts. Well…I might if I wasn’t still a white belt. 😉

  2. Crappling is a common term for it and I find it apt.

    Goddammit it is SO frustrating when things you’re told “won’t” work do! Like choking someone from inside their guard– dammit, I am trying to stretch them away from me (not working) and trying to get an armbar (not working..) while they’re not just trying to choke me they ARE CHOKING ME THE EFF OUT.. from inside my guard… dammit…

    Or like people who can just physically suck your arm from it’s safe place all the way up to their collarbones and force you into an armbar.

    Etc. etc.

  3. @Allie: Thanks. I just sometimes get so frustrated and start to wonder why I keep coming back. Thankfully, I have a short-term memory, so I’ve usually forgotten by the next night 🙂

    @Georgette: Very apt term. I’ll have to remember that.

    And yeah, those have all happened to me before. It’s like being someone’s marionette and having no control over where your limbs go. Resistance is futile. Meh.

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