No cavities! Of course, that only encourages me to wait 3 more years before I go back… so I went ahead and made my next appointment.

Also got an impression of my top teeth made for a custom mouthguard. That was a tortuous experience with a fruity flavor… :-/ The dentist filled the smallest bite plate he had (the absolute smallest — he said so!) with a strawberry-flavored paste and then stuck it in my mouth. It covered not only my teeth but also the roof of my mouth, and that triggered my gag reflex big time. Oh, gracious! Thankfully, I hadn’t eaten anything yet so nothing could come up. Finally made it through until the paste was set (and he tried to make it as fast-setting as possible, too). He said a week or so, and it should be in.

I ordered it in royal blue, too, to keep with my new color scheme 😉

Couldn’t concentrate on work at work today, so I played with my blog some more. Added a “FAQs & Advice” page, to which I attached the “Dos & Don’ts” page and the “Resources” page. (If you linked to the “Dos & Don’ts” page yesterday, the link may be broken now that it’s a subpage. Sorry!)And wanted to change the theme, but couldn’t find another I like (would like something with larger font), so played with this theme’s options.

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