Oh, right, Open Mat…

Maybe because I was home after Open Mat before it got dark (classes right now are ending around sundown), but I completely forgot that I did go. Finished all my projects at work, so even left early to go (though I was still the last one out at 4:30).

Rolled with Jesse and then Will. Either they were slowing down (they had both rolled before going with me, so they could definitely be tired) or else something clicked when I wasn’t looking. Felt like I knew what I was doing. Reminded me of the Submission Only tournament where my body seemed to be moving without my conscious thought. Enjoyed the ride. 😛 Even transitioned to top side control and north/south on Jesse. Who is this rolling? Escaping a decent amount. Even almost entirely hit the sweep Adam showed me last night, though I forgot to get my knee over Will’s calf and couldn’t control him & get all the way to his back. Caught in one of Jesse’s triangles, but then defended other attempts from him and a few Will threw.

Jesse was baiting me a lot, and I could tell, but I couldn’t figure out a way around it so I’d have to spring his trap. But, knowing what he wants to do meant I was ready to counter it sooner. He was playing ‘possum once, and I thought I’d hurt him because he suddenly went almost limp and passive. He assured me he was okay, though, and when I continued he flipped me over. Pffft!! (And yet it’s actually a warm-fuzzy feeling, that the guy who outweighs me by nearly 100 lbs is having to resort to sneaky underhand tricks while playing with me.) Defended my back from Will for a long while. He said afterward that he felt as if he could’ve muscled me around (and he already wasn’t taking it easy on me) to get it, but that I was defending it well. Once again, lots of practice there — everyone seems to think it’s easy to RNC the girl.

One of my friends suggested dyeing my hair blue. Too much, maybe? 😉


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