Funky Open Mat

We’d basically stopped have Open Mat on Fridays because both Tim and Adam were working through the class time, but Will started asking a few weeks ago if anyone was coming in on Fridays. I said I would that first week, but then got cooties and had to sit out for two Fridays. I agreed to met up with Will today, though.

Funky Friday first, though. Overslept and got to work late, but was still there before everyone else. Nothing to do, really, except push some commas around. Then lunch out, and I ate more than any other person at the table, and I’m by far the smallest. (And that was added on top of pizza last night after practice. Oy!) Sluggish and icky all afternoon, with more comma pushing. Finally left early and went to harass my brother at work before heading over for Open Mat.

Perry was starting up his kickboxing class as we were starting. Somehow the topic of guys who don’t stick with jiu-jitsu came up, and he said that there have been about 100 guys since January who have tried out jiu-jitsu and not come back.

Me and Will, and then a guy who hasn’t been in class for a while showed up, too. He came prepared for nogi; Will and I busted out the gis, though, so he eventually changed. I rolled with Will first, and it was one big funk after another. Where do my hands go? Why am I stuck here again? How do I get out of this? What the blazes am I even doing? Ugh, ugh, ugh. He had many opportunities to finish me, but would instead move on. He finally stuck with a D’Arce and eventually finished it. Round was probably 15 – 20 minutes.

Then Will and the other guy rolled for the rest of the time. The guy was spazzing and muscling and jerking and straining — and completely out of breath within 10 seconds — while Will was just relaxed. The guy got Will’s back and was trying to RNC him, though Will defended for a few minutes while the guy continued to fling his legs and arms around. And then he suddenly tapped when Will caught the ankle lock on him.

I’d been meaning to make a comment about how great it is when your former skinny jeans are now your fat jeans. (Oh, yeah, totally nice.) However, with Spin-the-Wheel pizza last night and Mike’s Grill at lunch today, I might need a larger size for a while…

This has to be the most evil website ever invented. It consumed my entire morning of billable hours. (Not that I had anything to do, though.)


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