17 months and counting

Today marks 17 months of jiu-jitsu for me. Justin makes fun of me because I know the exact date I started and what month I’m on (and can figure out half-months, too), but I think it’s that starting jiu-jitsu was such a major change — it re-ordered my whole life.

The girls were both no-shows.

Larger class. Warmup wasn’t too nuts at first. Then we circled up for 20 pushups & 20 knees-to-chest, 5 rounds. I had to drop to knee pushups by the second round, and still only got through pushups in the third round before Tim was pairing everyone up to roll so I had to stop. (Although, Justin was complaining after class that most of the guys claimed to finish before him — but no one ever finishes before him. Just sayin’…)

First with the little 14 year old, and still not getting the feel for rolling with him. He’s so light that I can’t tell if I’m using technique or muscle, so I try to stay on my back and defend. He got to my back once and set up the RNC mostly right, so didn’t defend it too much and let him work it in. He was loose on all his armbars or trying to muscle them (which is a strange feeling because I just flex a bit and he can’t move my arm). I kept thinking I should try to work spider guard, but couldn’t get back to guard without feeling as if I was muscling.

Then with Will. Actually defended a triangle correctly at first, though I couldn’t get my trapped arm back and he slipped the kimura in. Under side control most of the round.

Next round with Brandon. He broke his toe a few weeks ago, so he was wearing wrestling shoes. That’s a weird feeling to be on the other end of. Do not like. Had several opportunities to pass around to side control, but could never quite make it that last bit. Got swept a lot. Under side control a lot.

Then with a guy who’s been out for a few weeks. He’s usually alright to roll with, but tonight he was rusty: everything was a slam or a rip or a bellyflop or an elbow or a knee. Abandoned any ideas of offense right early and just defended and hoped he’d get his mat sense back soon. Hadn’t by the end of the round, though. Defending lots of neck cranks.

At the end of that round, Tim promoted one of the guys to blue belt.

Drilling was triangle from guard, switch to reverse triangle, and then reverse armbar. Worked with the kid. He’d never seen the triangle from guard, so I got Justin to teach him. I got a few reps in, but mostly it was him drilling. Tim worked with him a lot on the reverse armbar.

One more round. Rolled with a white belt. I tried for that move right off, but couldn’t keep control. He nearly caught me quite a few times; just stayed calm, though, and worked the escapes I know. He was trying to catch a guillotine from lots of angles, even from where he shouldn’t have been able to finish it — but if a guy can squeeze hard enough for long, any angle is good enough. He has really flexible knees, and nearly caught me with something there. One was a reversed and backwards triangle where he was sitting on my head. I don’t like being sat on… It wasn’t quite choking, though, and I had enough room to pressure and wiggle out. Did have a couple of escapes and passes in there that I remember being proud of, but I don’t remember what they were now. After one I was hunting the Big Poppa choke, but couldn’t quite get it because he always turns his head in to me; transitioned to full north/south and got the kimura from there, though his arms were almost too long — had to move my head to the side so I didn’t elbow myself in the face when I pulled it up.

Mind Games

The left side of your brain controls the right side of your body, and the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body. I’m starting to wonder if the bottom half of your brain controls the top half of your body, and if the top half of your brain controls the bottom half of your body. Which might explain why it’s either my left, right, top, or bottom half that’s giving me trouble on certain techniques. Poor brain has too many committees; no wonder it can’t get anything done.

I think this picture explains a lot, don’t you? I spot Solitaire, ESPN, Facebook (I think), and email.


4 thoughts on “17 months and counting

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