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I got sat on

on September 1, 2009

I got there about 45 minutes early. Tim and Adam were rolling in the ring. Will came a while later, and after they finished, he and I rolled for a bit — 10 minutes or so — before class. Lots of his spider guard.

Rather large class, especially for gi. Buddy #1 was back (well, he was back last week, but I wasn’t there). And several new guys tried it out. And several more walked in during class and asked about schedule/pricing.

Rolling to warmup. With Adam first. He said later that I’m rolling good. … Can someone record these matches, maybe, and play them back and show me where I actually do anything good? Cuz it doesn’t feel as if I ever do. Maybe for a second here or there — hands right, had a good idea — but nothing substantial. Tried a pendulum sweep a few times, but couldn’t get his base far enough forward. He let me pass to his back a few times, but I couldn’t get my hooks in quickly enough so he’d escape. Don’t really remember much. Turtled several times and tried for the single leg, but couldn’t reach his legs. Felt as if I was gripping and pushing way too much. Under side control a lot, and trying to bridge and thread the needle to get back to guard — or at least get my hips out — but struggled. He let me work out of a triangle somewhere in the middle, but finished many other things (at least one armbar variation and one D’Arce, but more than that).

Then Tim put me with one of the kids. He was out-wrestling me and flinging me every which way. I turtled several times to try to stop that. He’d get his arms around my chest from the top; I’d try the switch from there and would get thumped back down; then he’d spin behind me, pick me up, and try to take my back. Later he tried to play spider guard and do the triangles from last night. He stayed on that for a long time. I was managing to defend decently, I think, especially since he was telegraphing exactly what he was trying for. Even managed to press my hips forward and sit on his hamstrings, though it was hard to keep that pressure. The first few times, he’d scramble backwards and get away, but I finally did manage to also get one of his feet to the opposite side and passed down to side control, though he immediately flung me off and went back to wrestling.

At the end of that round, Tim promoted Will and his spider guard to blue belt.

Then on the wall for drills. Single leg, single leg sprawl, alligators, and squat jumps. Only one run on the squat jumps for me, though. Not so much tired, I don’t think, more short of breath.

Partnered up to drill all the triangles from last night. I worked with Will again. My right arm keeps forgetting to pull the arm across, for some reason, on any of them. And still having major issues with the Rafael Lovato Jr variation.

Maybe it was that one, I kept ending up with my shin more vertical than horizontal across his neck. Adam saw I was having trouble and came over to show me a way to finish from there: Grab the shin as usual and spin to underhook the leg, then attempt to backwards roll over your inside shoulder, which brings both your legs over top of your head and drops them deeper. Now lock and finish. (And Justin overheard something about short legs in that conversation, but didn’t see what Adam had shown, and came over and showed me the same thing. :P)

We drilled for quite a bit. Then to rolling. Started with a white belt. He gave up his back from the knees and then turtled, so I started working a clock choke. Couldn’t finish it, though, and he was starting to peel my hands off, so I transitioned over and started looking for something else; did keep the cross-throat lapel, though. And while I was looking and not seeing where to transition to, I was apparently cranking on that lapel because he suddenly started croaking, “Tap! Tap! Tap!” And then I noticed that he was tapping, too. Oops, sorry, not paying attention. A little later, I’d somehow got mount and was trying for an armbar which ended up as a triangle attempt when he fed an arm under; he tried spinning out of it, but that gave up his back; did manage to catch that one and work out a choke. Did have a few sweeps, though more by persistence than good technique.

Last round, Tim put me with another guy. So many times, I felt like I was very close to having a good position, and he’d shed me easily. Had my base inside his guard once, starting to set up a normal guard break, and he used just his legs to slam me to the mat. (Grrr. I don’t want to be so wimpy.) About 50% on top during the round, though every inch was exhausting to take. I did get his back at one point and was working to get control when another pair came careening over and landed square on top of me. Tim looks over and sees this pile of bodies, and me on the bottom, looking disoriented. He says, “What happened?” I said, “I got sat on. :(” (They tried it again later, but we moved first.) Again a few sweeps more due to persistence than technique. Tried a few pendulum sweeps, but again couldn’t get his base far enough forward.

Need to make a list of books to look for tomorrow at the library. Otherwise I’ll just wander the aisles and pick out whatever has the most interesting spine. Although, that’s not such a bad technique — I’ve found lots of my favorite authors that way.


2 responses to “I got sat on

  1. Georgette says:

    Good Lord, you too? I never know what people are thinking of specifically when they say I’m doing better, doing good, whatever. Because I’m still struggling just as much and still tapping just as often and still feeling just as frustrated!


    Keep on keepin’ on girl.

  2. leslie says:

    And why does it always come from someone who you know isn’t just making an empty compliment? So you know he really means it, so it must be true, but how can it be true when everything feels the same or worse… I run myself in circles thinking about it!

    Although, it does make me feel that there’s hope somewhere. 😛

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