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Of sushi and raspberry sorbet

on August 31, 2009

The project managers took me out to lunch today: sushi (always yum) followed by a nip in to Maggie Moo’s for dessert. I actually remembered that I’m lactose intolerant — probably because of the recent antibiotic ickiness, which I have no desire to repeat — and got some raspberry sorbet, which was also yum.

They also told me over lunch that I’ve impressed them and the CEO at our company, and have also impressed the main company we’re working for now and the other vendor we’re working with. Yayness. This week, I’ll have been here for 6 months. (Lunch was for the recent round of impressing, not the anniversary.)

I got to play tour guide for a while before class. As I was coming to the front of the academy to warm up, a couple came in, and the girl said they were wondering who to talk to about learning cage fighting. Made it sound as if they both wanted to do it. I led them to the back to talk to Justin. They stayed to watch class, too. As soon as I got back to the front, there was another fellow standing there, and he asked if he could get a schedule and price list, so I took him back to talk to Gary. So we may have 2 girls starting BJJ soon, and now it sounds as if I’d better prepare to start sparring again. (I bet Perry was already planning to talk me in to it for the first girl, though, since she wants to do “everything” right now.)

Medium-sized class. Rolling to warm up. With Will and his spider guard to start. Mostly me dancing like a puppet at the end of his legs. Silly short arms of mine. He pulled me in to several triangles, though he wouldn’t finish any of them or the armbars he’d catch off them. Might have had a pass or a sweep, though I don’t really remember one so maybe not; mostly me underneath. Moving, but underneath.

Then another guy. Doing okay, though nothing exceptional. Got a triangle setup when he reached back with one hand to break my guard, and then he Hulked out on me. He tried to rip his posture up, only I remembered to switch to an armbar, but then he just started turning away and pulling his arm. I managed to come up for the omoplata (hey, the trinity!), and really worked to get in position, but he reared up and dumped me backwards. Somehow got back to guard; tried bump sweeps, but he could easily base out. Nearly got to his back once, but there was a moment of bronco bucking that got me tossed off to the side. Yee. Haw.

Drilling next. Move of the week: the triangle.

Drilled for quite a while, then more rolling. Started with the little 14 year old. Still having a hard time trying to roll gently with him; I’m almost afraid he’ll break. I know I’ve thought that before about the guys, but I’m over that now — they’re all bigger than me by about the same percentage that I am over this kid. (He’s 2/3 of my body weight. I’m about 2/3 of most of the guys.) Even when he’s sitting entirely on me, I hardly feel him. Now I understand what they were saying months ago, when they said it was okay for me to put more weight on them: that’s all of it, and it feels like nothing! Anyway, tried to stay on the bottom and mostly defend. He kept trying to drive his elbow through my ear, so I didn’t give up anything on that because it was annoying. He did set up an armbar from mount decently, though, so I let him finish that. I did try a little spider guard, but again was having trouble finding the appropriate pace and intensity. Let him to mount a lot; might should try to make him work something else.

Then a round with a white belt, so I could play more of what I wanted to. Mostly trying to fight to stay on top. Had a D’Arce from half-guard set up early, but couldn’t pull him in enough to finish it; he finally pushed me away enough that he could get back through to guard. Had the Big Poppa choke set up later, too, but my under hand somehow got lost in someone’s gi, and I couldn’t find it with the other hand to lock in and finish. Tried finishing it one handed, but couldn’t. Eventually got pressed off there, too. Got to mount later, and tried to work the choke from two weeks ago, but I couldn’t quite remember the details — went the wrong way to set up the armbar, though it did set up one on that other side. Took some maneuvering, since he was defending well, but did finally manage to secure that armbar and sit back. Nearly had the first spider guard triangle from today, but the round ran out on me.

Last roll with Big Tommy. Right, remember, spider guard not so good on him. I did try it once, and he made a comment about not knowing how to defend when someone got there; I told him to just stand up, and he said that felt like cheating. I said it wasn’t, as it would just cause me to work something else. So he did stand up, and I tried to get in for the sweep from Saturday, but he passed around before I could get there. He had an armbar from mount soon after that I couldn’t escape. I did get a sweep on him, though I’m not sure what it was (and it was probably mostly him losing his balance and falling backwards and me chasing), but then the round was over.

Guillaume wanted to roll a little more, so we did. I got to scarf hold, and he’s tall enough to just swing his legs around over mine. I had just enough leverage to keep my upper body in place while I tried to figure out how to free my legs; he, meanwhile, was trying to get to my back. We stayed there for what seemed like five minutes. I finally turned the opposite direction, away from him, temporarily giving up my back but managing to get around without getting caught; passed to side control, then was swept, and then recovered guard. And then we were both too tired to do anything else.


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