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Couldn’t take it anymore

on August 29, 2009

I’m still on the antibiotic until Sunday morning, and I did eat last night (and so my tumbly was rumbly this morning), but I was so tired of sitting around and have needed to choke someone out for most of the week. So I went to class this morning.

Some of the guys had got there early for some sparring, but I waited and went at 11 for class. Just a few of us there, so just some rolling and technique.

Started out with Adam. No rust with him — I seemed to jump right back in. Tired after just a short burst, though, but then working in and out of lots of things. Tapped to lots, not even sure what all. One to leg/ankle attack (I’m not sure what he was going for), that I tapped verbally and quickly on; I’d defended decently to start against an ankle lock, but he stayed with it. I saw my toes land on the mat and start turning one way, while my foot and ankle were heading somewhere else: had “train wreck” written all over it, so I tapped before anything ripped. He was worried I’d gotten hurt; I said no, but that it was going to be bad.

Then with the little 14 year old, and I was back to knowing nothing. Trying to stay on my back and work and not muscle anything — and that’s hard because it would be so easy to just launch him. Let him catch a couple of armbars when he set them up right. He was trying the double lapel choke from mount, but kept pulling his elbows out and across; I finally was able to tell him to pull his elbows in, and let him finish the choke when he did.

To drilling. A takedown for when they stand up in your guard, which I’ve seen before. Worked with the kid again. He was having trouble, mostly because it seemed like he was trying to turn it into more of a single leg. He does wrestle, so maybe he was mixing it up with something from there. So he worked a lot, and I worked a little, which was alright. My transition when they stand needs work (his was actually really good, and I kept trying to watch and see what he was doing), but I remembered the second part fine (which is where he was having the trouble). So, combine us and you’d get a good takedown.

Then rolled with Will. Energy was sapped, though I could breathe, which is good. Lots of working against his spider guard. Got in a very few times, though it didn’t do me much good as he’d get to side control and start working for the far side or north/south kimura.

Last roll with a guy who’s a cop and former wrestler. I’ve never rolled with him before, and today was his first day in gi. He squeezes. A lot. And doesn’t let go. He paused at one point to ask if it was legal for him to grab my gi and use it. I did get a double-under pass, though I had to be very patient and wait for him to burn his legs out for a moment; he tried to crush my head between his thighs, and was leg-pressing me away when I tried to stack. When I got to side control, he just flipped me over and got side control himself. He went for the far-side kimura; I somehow Houdini-ed out of it. Felt like I was turning my own arm inside out. He got my back off it, though, and then the rest of the round was me defending from there.

And done. Feel much better now for having gone, but it sure will be nice when I can start eating like a normal person again.

I always forget to add something:

Perry mentioned today that a freshman girl from Tech came in yesterday and signed up. She’s never done any martial arts before, but she wants to do everything, including jiu-jitsu. He said she’s about my size, too.

One of the guys commented on the small class size today (six of us plus Tim); he also said that most of the other nights seem small but that Wednesday nights are always a big class. Then another guy said some of the ones who come just on Wednesday have said that they come then because it’s the first nogi night. (And in a college town, the weekend starts on Thursday nights.) So, sounds like I’ll be avoiding Wednesday nights for a while longer, if that’s when all the knuckleheads come are coming in.


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