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The wonderful thing about Tiggers

on August 18, 2009

…is Tiggers are wonderful things.
Their tops are made of the rubber,
their bottoms are made of the springs…

(Or so I remember it….)

Last night, I talked to my dad after practice and told him how I was feeling. He said, “Eat more carbs.”

Tonight before practice, I talked to my Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist (AKA my little brother) and told him how I was feeling. He said, “Eat more carbs. And more fat.” He even ran me through a quick assessment program he has and gave me a basic eating guide: ~2400 calories, 40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat, for maintenance. I think if I work out some meals (like 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, and a few snacks) that I can easily fix all week, then I should be good to go. I do better if I make everything a habit instead of a daily decision.

I had taken a scoop of protein powder and a pre-workout mix to have about 1.5 hours before practice and was drinking it while talking to him. He made me hand it over, and he added a bit more water and a scoop of a carb powder. I actually expected it to be bad, but I couldn’t even taste it over the protein and other, and it mixed in without clumping.

And then I bounced through the entire class.

Which was an absolutely fantastic feeling.

Warmup. Jogging, high knees (I sometimes start feeling my muscles getting tired even here, and then I know it’s going to be a very long night), butt kicks, bear crawls. Then on the wall for shrimping — lots and lots of shrimping — followed by single legs, single leg/sprawl, forward and backward crab walks (so once again I could see which guys were wimping out on the second trip), and duck walks. All runs on everything.

And I felt good. Somewhat winded (but I should be), but able to get most of the oxygen I needed. In the quick break after the warmup, I caught my breath and was ready to go.

Did I mention the academy was just as hot as ever? And that I was overheating beforehand in the gi? Having energy is fun.

Partnered up to roll. Started with a white belt. I didn’t even really mean to play on top — I usually never have a choice in the matter — but he started by trying to pull guard, so I played a top game. And then fought to keep it when he tried to sweep me. Passed his guard, passed his half guard. Tried for the Jeff Monson choke a few times, but couldn’t quite get in position. He tried to take my back several times, but I could turn under or escape some way. He tried several triangles and armbars — and even a gogoplata, I think — but I was escaping and moving back to side control.

Then with a blue belt. Again, he let me up top and I didn’t relinquish it. Did finally catch the Jeff Monson choke somewhat (Justin and Tim and Adam and a few other guys had been working it last night, so it was fresh in my mind). Then got side control and to mount and thought, “Eh, why not — let’s do the choke from last night.” Couldn’t get my thumb in on the far side for the choke; tried it just gripping his shoulder but couldn’t finish, so switched to the armbar (though I let go of his lapel as I sat back). He sat up and said, “Good armbar.” I said that the choke and armbar were the move of the week; he said, “Good, that means I get to learn it, too.” He swept me over when we reset and was trying to get to that choke on his own, but then the round was over.

Drilling was the same as last night. Justin pointed out a detail — before you start, pull out both the lapels on either side of their head so you have room when you slide up to get that second hand in. (That was where I’d missed it with Mark: had no room there.) Worked with the same white belt from the first roll.

Rolling again, same partner. On top and bottom this time, but from bottom was hitting sweeps and escapes; no lingering. Had one roll under from turtle right to a great half guard sweep (total accident), but right as I started to sweep him, the calf on that leg cramped and locked completely up. Beat on it for a moment and then stretched it, and then we continued. Tried for the Jeff Monson choke again, but he turned his chin in to me and I couldn’t get in position again. And I escaped several things that I have no idea how I did; probably should’ve been finished, but there’d be just enough room. With Guillaume and Mark both, had several double-under and similar passes to side control; I was also really relying on pressure to get around most things, and just staying patient until they let me out/around, and that made me happy.

Last roll with the little 14 year old. I wanted to play spider guard. (Wasn’t even thinking of it last night, but Justin was calling in some advice from the side and mentioned it. Didn’t get it working then, though, mostly because my brain and body weren’t responding. Thinking about it later, though, I don’t get to work spider guard much because most of the guys’ arms are longer than my legs so I have a very hard time keeping any pressure on them; but this kid is small enough that I can practice on him. So I’d decided to do it tonight.) But he wouldn’t hold still; he wanted side control, and that weird scissor thing that does nothing, and back mount. So I obliged him, though kept trying to get back so I could start some spider guard. But no, he wasn’t obliging, and I didn’t want to muscle anything, so I just sat back and played. Escaped a lot, though slowly, because he was very loose. He did do the choke-to-armbar from class, and did it well, so let him have the arm. Only had one short moment of foot-in-bicep, but then the round was over.

And I was still a little bouncey. Could’ve done some APC, but everyone was heading out. I’m still a little springy even now, when usually I’m starting to get distracted by my pillow. So, we’ll run with this more carb/more fat/more calories thing for a while and see where it takes me.


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