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In which I did something right, and it worked!

on August 13, 2009

Ugh, last minute meeting from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Does not like. But class isn’t until 7, so I still had plenty of time.

Small class, surprising for nogi. Maybe everyone comes on Wednesdays now. I’m still taking that and Fridays off. I think it’s already made some difference, at least for Thursdays and Saturdays — I don’t feel so much like collapsing in a heap before we even warmup. So, that’s good.

Little bit of warmup. Only did one run one the squat jumps because again I burned out my quads. Glutes and hammies not firing, tsk, tsk.

Partnered up to work armbar from guard next, I think. (Some fuzzies…) Worked with the little 14 year old. Justin had to come teach him how to do them since he hasn’t done them before. 10 a side per partner.

Then to rolling with the same partner. I was trying to stay on the bottom and let him to side control so I could work bridging, but he didn’t seem to like that plan and would instead try to leap in to mount. Did get one semi-decent bridge in there, though my hips were still collapsing on me. Again some work with my eyes closed. A few sweeps. He was getting to positions and then trying to pull or squeeze on something that didn’t do anything, so I’d just chill. If there was space, would move out. He got a head scissors at one point and had one arm extended, but he was finishing neither; I even left my arm out there. (I think that was this round, or maybe it was the last one.) Let him to mount a few times, but he wasn’t going for the armbar that Tim just taught him Tuesday, so I’d work on my knee/elbow escape.

Drilling scissor sweep next (I think). Took me a few moments of fiddling to figure out how to do it nogi; for some reason my brain was insisting on doing it like in gi and couldn’t figure out how to grab the collar. Doh. Worked with the kid again. Justin and Tim taught him how to do it.

Another roll, this time with Will. Didn’t feel like I was moving well, though that was mostly because he was tight on everything. Got in on his open guard and to half; got close to passing, but he hipped around and through. Had the thought of getting to his back once from under half-guard, but didn’t quite get all my limbs orgainzed and got flattened back out. Eh. Under mount and side control a lot.

Drilling next was the second armbar from a few months ago, except with climbing your legs up to get to their shoulders. Drilled with Will. Both our shoulders were creaking and crunching and being uncomfortable the whole time. Oh, and we did the Can Opener jingle. 😛 The one in guard would start as if doing a can opener and so had to sing the little…yeah, you probably had to be there. (We were in stitches, though.)

Then rolling again. Tim put me with a newer guy, though from what I’ve seen and heard, he seems as if he might have some experience (or has watched lots of YouTube…). I do remember this one. Anyway, he grabbed my wrists straight off and tried to pull me into his guard; I got a knee up, but he locked his guard up anyway. I worked to stretch backward against his feet, trying to make space to slip my arms for the double-under pass; he unwittingly obliged by dropping his guard. Got the arms under, hands clasped, and his hips sucked in; he doesn’t know the counter to the double-under that we’ve learned, though he was reaching around and trying to pull my ankles (had him stacked, was completely sprawled, and he could still reach my ankles). Had to fight to keep that stack. I think he’d finally had enough of his knees up his nose because he finally relaxed, and I managed to almost pass correctly — at the last moment he seemed to realize what I was doing and tried to push me off with his legs again, so I had to come up and around his knee, but did get around and to side control. Got the position, got the control; he locked his arms around me, so I started for the head-and-arm choke, but he picked me up and swept me.

Recovered guard, and then heard Scott’s voice in my head telling me to go for more bump sweeps. The guy was obliging again by sitting up and trying to break my guard. First two, he could base out the arm on the side I was going for and I couldn’t get him over; might not have also been getting my hips into it like I should. Third one, I knew he’d base again, so I went up, he did, and I switched my arm around to the guillotine. Got the shallower grip, which is all I tend to get since my arms are so short. Sat back, got my second hand in to grip, got the cheesecutter action going; legs extending, back arching, but arms and head staying in over his head mostly; hips even popped out a bit to the side to get it just a little deeper. — Felt as if I nearly had everything almost spot on. — He tried to pull my arm off, which seemed to trigger my hips to move out. He tried to hold on but finally had to tap. (Can I have just a teensy tiny squeal now? I did something right and it worked! I promise I hardly cracked a smile then, just moved to reset since we were about to get steamrolled by another pair, and kept right on going.)

He came out charging pretty good to start with. Had a moment of panic, of “oh, crap, why did I finish a submission on a guy I don’t even know?! Bad idea!” Under half guard for a while to start with; I may have had a sweep that got me to top half-guard, but I couldn’t pass and eventually got reversed. He was trying lots of elbow-in-throat moves. Grr. Bumped them off and tried to take his back off them, though didn’t get anywhere. He got to mount, and then he seemed to calm down a bit and was concentrating on ripping an arm up. I’ve had lots of practice on my little T-rex arms, though, so the rest of the round was us here. He did try to control my head with one arm, and I’d try to upa, but no luck. A few more attempts at elbow-in-throat, but I could bump it across or move him with my legs to take the pressure off; he didn’t try to grind it in like most guys do, but just kind of held it there with light pressure. Still no likey.

Straight to rolling for the last round. Tim started to put me with one of the bigger guys (not excited about this), but then switched him out with the little 14 year old. (He also mouthed to me, “He’s having a bad day,” so the kid wouldn’t see. Not so much in class, but from stuff that happened earlier in the day, so he’d been distracted and/or frustrated for most of the class.) So I decided to do my best to imitate Justin from my first few months: set him up for positions that he knows something from and let him work it. If it’s close enough, let him have it; if it’s not, move in to the space. Big mistakes, like reaching back to break my guard (he did that once), got caught and held for a moment, and then let him work out. (He did have a few moments of driving his elbow into my throat again, which I’d just bump across and start as if I would take his back or sweep him; he quit doing that at some point.) I’m not very good at this kind of rolling, though, probably since I’ve hardly ever have anyone to practice on.

He wanted to pull guard, so I was trying to set him up for any of the three moves we’d drilled today, but he was thinking about guillotines (when my head was down on his chest) or getting around to take my back, though he was lots of loose. I got back in his guard quite a bit, and he didn’t try any of those three. He did get a close-enough bump sweep, though, fairly early, but wasn’t anywhere close to the armbar from mount. I think I turtled; let him get to my back; he got his hooks in, had his weight on me, and then got his arms in right for the RNC. (Thin, strong little arms = tight choke!) Let him pass my guard to side control, and he got good shoulder pressure; I think I bridged a little just to let him work keeping control; I’d started with my leg up to block him, which I’d done in our first roll (and then would catch him in half guard when he’d try to jump over), but then put the leg down to see if he’d remember how to pass to mount. He did, too. He started fumbling around with my arms again and even muttered that he didn’t know what to do; I said, “Didn’t Tim teach you the armbar from here?” He said, “Yeah,” so I said, “So do it.” He did it fairly good, too, especially on keeping my arm tight to his chest. He got to another RNC and two more armbars from mount during the round (and a couple of attempts at both that were far too loose or sloppy).

Right at the end, I’d turtled again. He was shooting his arms under, and one hand caught me right in the side of the eyeball. It’s a little purpley now, so hopefully I’ll have a bit of shiner in the morning.

Adam set up a circuit after class — 10 medicine ball pushups/side (one hand on a medicine ball, pushup, switch sides), 10 sledgehammers/side, and 10 25-lb curls/side. Most of the guys jumped in. I thought it looked a little rough, so I got out the kettlebell instead. Did my 5 x 5 and was feeling pretty good. Decided I’d tack on 5 more… and then 5 more… and then I’d done 50. Oops! Felt a lot better on my form and everything, though, so that’s good.


4 responses to “In which I did something right, and it worked!

  1. If people are swinging their leg over to mount you might try catching their leg with a butterfly hook as they swing it over…it’s pretty easy to time.

    From there you can recover butterfly guard. You can even go directly into a hook sweep!

  2. leslie says:

    @Matt: Thanks for the tip. I think I usually catch them in half-guard right now, but butterfly should work, too — and since they probably have their weight off their hips, that sweep should be easy.

    Heh, gonna have to start focusing on that there. If nothing else, a sweep or two might let them know that just because my legs are short doesn’t mean they can try sloppy jiu-jitsu on me. 😉

  3. Georgette says:

    Matt– what a good suggestion, I am always catching half guard from there, but transitioning to a sweepable place right away sounds mucho better.

    Leslie– I so totally love that you’re hoping for a shiner when you get bonked! I would too. Got headbutted spang in the eyebrow the other day and wouldn’t you know, it’s sore and swollen but no visible bruising!

  4. leslie says:

    @Georgette: It didn’t take 😦 A little sore and swollen, but the slight bruise faded by morning. Boo.

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