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In which I finally tuck my head to the correct side

on August 10, 2009

We finally got hot weather. I love it. But no one else does, and my mom finally won the battle to turn the air conditioning on at home. Bah. (Reason #1 to get my own house: no air conditioning needed. [I was already looking before this, though, and making lists of what I want and {trying to start} saving my money.])

I could hear the air in the academy working hard when I got there, but it seemed to do nothing. So hot, so still. Here, I will take air conditioning, at least to make the air move some. Not that it did, though.

Trying to loosen up before class, I noticed a very tender spot just above my lower back: the same spot where I was getting slammed on Saturday. Ow. Worked on it for a while, though, and it did alright during class; I think I only noticed it when we were shrimping. Also while shrimping, my left shoulder was acting up; it’s usually stiff when I wake up, but is usually fine by class. And both shoulders, I noticed while showering, have a worn spot right where I press my weight during shrimping.

Smaller class, as gi classes usually are. A little warmup, though with the heat and humidity, we were all zapped pretty quickly. (The guys were talking after class about how easily they tired tonight.) Doing extra trips on some things; I didn’t bother trying to keep up with the total number and just tried to keep moving, even if it was slowly. Dripping sweat by the time we finished, though.

One roll to get things started. Got to roll with Adam. And I had moments where I almost knew some jiu-jitsu. He rolled me over a few times, and I actually got my head tucked the right way so I didn’t land awkwardly on my neck like I usually do. (Major victory right there! :P) He was letting me move around, and I was doing decently. Saw things I missed sometimes after I’d blundered off and tried to triangle myself. Did notice a few times where he was a hip escape away from a triangle, and so worked to keep track of my arms and to keep my base away from where he needed it.

Then we drilled the move of the week: pendulum sweep. Yay! More of the things I screw up often. This is good. Worked with the little 14-year-old kid. Of course it was easy for me to sweep him since he weighs nothing anyway. Adam pointed out that I was mostly using just my arms to bump his arms and pull him down and not getting my legs involved. Oh, right, I have two halves, top and bottom. They just don’t always work at the same time.

Rolling again. With the kid. Pendulum sweep city, baby! 😉 (It’s what I’ve been doing on him, anyway, when we roll.) Did try to stay tighter, especially from the bottom, though not to just pin him, which is too easy to do. Tried to work from under the bottom more; even turtled a time or two. Mostly he was just trying to grab something and run off with it, so I would do a little escape. Trying to just go easy, though it’s hard to tell sometimes if I got something because I’m bigger and stronger or because I had the leverage right. Gave him a couple of chances at armbars, but he had no hope of finishing it the way he was trying it (granted, he hasn’t even learned armbars yet). After one pendulum sweep, I got to mount and he started thrashing around. He was sticking his elbows and arms up, trying to push me off or make space, so I’d catch tight through his elbows and slide up as if I was going to finish an armbar, hold for a moment, and then slide back down to mount. Afterward, I showed him what I’d been doing there and told him to keep an eye on his elbows.

Oh! And he didn’t drive his elbow in my throat again! He actually listens when you tell him something (unlike most of the teenagers).

Once more, with Big Tommy. He’s lighter on me sometimes than the guys closer to my size! He was across my ribs several times with just enough pressure to keep me there but not enough that he was hurting my ribs. He let me play on top first, though I could only to get to half guard and then couldn’t pass. Then he swept me and I was fighting off the bottom the rest of the round. Almost did a side control bridge escape right, though I think I’ve gotten so used to not getting it that I just shrimp and flop rather than actually trying to thread the needle and come back through. Need to fix that… (maybe with the kid, if I work with him later this week).

That was class. I did 25 kettlebell swings (5 x 5). Doing better on those already, which is good.


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