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I found it!

on August 6, 2009

My jiu-jitsu. It was behind the couch the whole time! Made sure to pack it tonight.

Also packed extra smiles, my tapping paws, and a big dose of self-forgiveness.

And I got sushi today! Which made me very happy 🙂

Have fun.

Because, really, until I get that one back, nothing else it going to work (or be worth it even if it does work).

And, as usual, when I let off myself, I do far better than I thought I would. *facepalm* You think I’d figure things out by now, but, no. Am slow.

Medium-size class, and only the little 14-year-old from the teenage bracket. Okay on the warmup. Light, though, not the crazy conditioning. Still getting a little slow on some, but then just tried to breathe and stay relaxed and move a bit faster. Fun one: slow bear crawl down, 10 pushups, backward bear crawl back, 10 pushups. Forward and backward rolls — 1 run each and done. Tim watched me walk back in a not-quite-straight line after the backward rolls and laughed; he said he gets dizzy on them, too.

Partnered up for double-leg takedown. Worked with Will. Was having trouble getting his legs up to the side. Yeah, I think I’ve lost some strength, or at least some use of strength. And yet, deep breaths, don’t get frustrated, just keep working. A bit of the dizzies after the whole set, but not too bad.

Then to rolling. With Will. Nothing special from me, just breathing and trying to move my hips. I think he let me get a double-under pass once, though he reversed right out. He also gave up a hitchhiker escape, though I think I did it mostly wrong.

With a white belt next. Tapping to lots of D’Arce setups, most because he’d flatten me some and lay on my face; can’t breathe that way. I spent my time squishing lots of moments when I wanted to get upset. Ribs were somehow also getting tweaked a lot in those, which is not fun. Tried to fight to start on top when we’d reset, but didn’t win any of those; always to the bottom.

Another roll, this time with the kid. He went for elbow-in-throat a lot again. I worked on my pendulum sweep (though I’m not sure if I was finally doing it right, or if he’s just so tiny that he falls right over) and some taking the back, both off that elbow. Under mount, he pushes straight up; I didn’t want to do the post to armbar, because I was afraid of hurting him (he’s about 80 lbs; I’m around 120 right now), but I still trapped the extended arms and worked to S-mount and then worked the position for the armbar and grabbing the leg to include. Remembered to transition off the top — or transition while on top (took several switches from one side control to the other before moving on) — to work sweeps, and because it’s too easy to control him from the top.

Tried not to put too much weight on him, but then that means nothing is tight, which means I have everything sloppy. Meh. Fine line there. I appreciate the guys who focus on technique alone with me a whole lot more now (not that I didn’t already). Let him around a few times so I could work back to guard. Trying very hard (!) not to use strength; even went for a while with my eyes closed again and without using my arms. With the weight and size difference between us, yeah, that’s about the same as between me and the majority of the guys. They’re about as much taller and the same amount heavier, and they always mock complain about my shoulders being too small that it makes triangles difficult. Same between me and this kid. Now I wonder how I do anything at all!

Same partner, two-minute guard break drill. I started on the bottom. I wasn’t going hard, but I wasn’t just going to give anything up just because he’s smaller. On the bottom could sweep and submit; I swept him a few times and caught a triangle later when he reached back to grab my feet. We switched, and I again tried to focus on all the little details that I usually never have time for (or never make it far enough to do in live rolling). Also trying to keep the pressure off, though, so lots of it was loose and sloppy.

Switched partners for another round of the two-minute guard break. With Will. Got through once, with a double-under. He did the knee-up pass several times; I think I recomposed guard once, but lost it the other times.

Switched partners. Got paired with a guy I’d rather not go with, but reminded myself to have fun, to not worry about how he rolled, and that it was more fun than going to the gym. Ate several knees and elbows to the face, and a few plops on my ribs. But, overall, doing better in moving than I expected. He wanted neck cranks, though, which is not nice, so often trying to keep my head out of the reach of his arms (which is hard to do when his arms are longer than my torso!). Might have even gotten a sweep to the top, though he toppled me right back over. Toes on my right foot started cramping sometimes in here.

Another two-minute guard break drill. Don’t recall that I got through at all; he got wrist control and wouldn’t let go. Then he passed mine a few times, mostly by grabbing both ankles and rolling me over. He started off, though, by reaching back for my feet; he’s too tall for me to triangle, and he was sitting up straight. I bumped him down instead and his hand came back around; I stopped quick to point out that reaching back will get him triangled against the taller guys. Later, he did it again, but his posture was down for some reason. Tim hollered “Triangle!” at the same time that I snatched it. Got my shin, but then he stacked me and dropped his weight on my head; I couldn’t turn for the angle. Couldn’t let go, either, though; I was stuck. He finally sat back and blasted out, but Tim said afterward that that had been good. Toes on both feet were cramping by the end here.

One more roll. The kid again. Trying the same as before. He did the elbow-in-throat from every position. I was trying to stay on my back so I wouldn’t be putting any weight on him. Somehow, though, he turtled, though he was loose; I worked the control and then taking his back, though let him escape. Afterward, I mentioned that the elbow-in-throat won’t make anyone in here tap, and he said, “It won’t?!” Said no, it hurts enough to make guys mad but it isn’t a submission; instead, showed him shoulder pressure (which he knows, since he did on me once from side control while I worked my bridging — which stinks, btw).

Both feet and one calf were cramping by the end of that. Ugh.

The guys started a 1-10 pullup pyramid. I got out the kettlebell. Tim tried to talk me out of it again, saying it was too heavy. I argued that I’ve done them before and that I was only doing 25 (1-5 pyramid) and would be careful with my form. Justin jumped in and assured him that I could do them, so he finally let me do them. Yeah, 25 was plenty. Whew!

Actually rather happy driving home tonight instead of my usual moping self. Tim had also mentioned after class that that had been one of my better classes recently. Hmm, I might have to start letting up on myself more often…


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  1. Tom D says:

    Your blog is a breath of fresh air to read. Keep on trucking!

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