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This is your brain on Mondays

on August 3, 2009

This was the king of Mondays. Seriously. And yet, somehow, I was too amused by how nuts everything was and just rode it out…

First of all, I am lactose intolerant. I’ve known this for years (though it’s actually a self-diagnosis) and am fine with not drinking milk. Products that contain milk, like coffee creamer, cause no problems (that I’ve noticed). However, for some reason I cannot seem to remember that ice cream is made from milk. Don’t ask me why — some parts of my brain are wired for extra stupid. Anyway, we celebrated my yiayia’s birthday yesterday, and I ate lots of ice cream cuz I like it. Today, I am paying for that choice. (Would’ve been fine if I’d taken my pills, but totally forgot that ice cream comes from milk. So, yeah.)

Then at work, almost first thing, I overwrote a file in the repository. I was sure I’d updated first, which would have showed me that the file already existed, but apparently I didn’t. And since I’d named mine in all caps, and the original was in lowercase, some of the machines had no problem with it (I think the Linux ones) while the rest balked at updating to have two files with the same name in the same folder (think that was Windows). Took our IT guy a while to figure out, and for a while there we thought we’d have to revert to last night’s version of the repository. Baaah. He was finally able to fix it, though, with no loss of documents. Whew…

I’d met a huge deadline for a report on Friday, and nothing new had come in today, so I mostly worked on updating a few lists. Somehow passed the whole day doing basically nothing.

Found out this weekend that the new kid, who I was sure was 8 but was guessing 10 just because I’m usually wrong, is actually 14. Um… yeah, he’s really small for his age.

We were sitting around on the mats before class, and the two fourteen year olds were both there. (I think all the other kids who I think are 14 are actually older by a year or two.) Somehow the other guys got to talking about Saved by the Bell, which these kids have never experienced! (Not even the multiple, multiple spin-offs.) That led to someone asking what year they were born, which led to the guys saying, “Wow, I was ten when you were born!” To which I laughed and pointed: “If you take that one and that one, and add ’em together, they’re still not quite as old as me.”

You could’ve knocked the teenage section of the mat over with a feather. Their mouths all dropped. “Wait,” one of them finally said, “you’re almost thirty?” I said, “Yep, twenty-nine. Thirty in April.” They just continued to sit there with their mouths open until Justin called for us to start jogging.

After class, one of the kids came up to me again. (The one who’d said he didn’t want to lose to a girl.) He said he’d thought that I was his age when he started (which may have explained the open-mouth-insert-foot syndrome), though the fact that I drove myself to class told him I had to be at least 16. Then when I mentioned work and what I did, he’d thought maybe maybe I was in my early 20s or had skipped college and was even younger. I said that nope, I’m 29, 30 come April. Then he said, “Wait, you’re almost as old as my mom! … … You’re old enough to be my mom!” I just nodded: “Yep, sure am.” His mom pulled up then to pick him up, and he left repeating, “Wow, you’re nearly as old as my mom…”

I had goals, I did. And I wrote them down and read over. And walked in and totally forgot all about them. *facepalm*

Academy was hot, no air moving. Will was back! He’s been out for a few months with injuries and school. And Kevin No-Toe came up, too. He won’t be able to get back for a few weeks, though.

Warmup didn’t consist of all the normal craziness, and yet somehow it was more than plenty. Did have all the runs on everything except forward and backward rolls, I think. But still not breathing well afterward.

To rolling. Grabbed Kevin first. (A real live warm-up roll!) Had a few moments where I almost shrimped right, and once when I bridged good under side control! (But then flopped straight down on the mat, a little too stunned that I’d done it right. Meh.)

Next roll with another guy whose name I should probably learn since he’s been in fairly regularly for the last two months. At least one roll was fun. He picked me up and took my back fairly early, and we stayed there for the rest of the round, me defending and him trying to stuff across a RNC. When we finished, he said that I’d had a great defense there. I said thanks, that most of the guys work that on me a lot so I’ve had a lot of practice to defend it. I also pointed out that he knows a lot of other stuff, so if something isn’t working like that, he should try moving on to something else.

Drilling next. The move of the week: cut-through guard pass, the same one I was messing up on Saturday. (Yayness!) Drilled with Kevin, too, which helped; he could point out more things. And Justin showed me later where I wasn’t coming quite all the way through after driving that knee down; I was kind of waiting on top, with my legs behind me and still effectively trapped, instead of getting my hips further through. Not much time to work that part tonight, since he showed me at the end of drilling, but I can work it the rest of the week.

Rolling again, and Kevin again. He reminded me of a few sweeps that I know but wasn’t doing. He went to roll me over once, and my ribs got a funny catch in them and tweaked. Don’t know what we did. Worked on it for a few seconds, and it seemed alright, though Kevin insisted on taking the bottom after that so he wouldn’t land on my ribs again. (Just when I think they’re doing better, they tell me Saturday that they’re still bruised, and then they get goofy tonight. Meh.)

Last roll with Guillaume. And I suddenly forgot everything I knew about jiu-jitsu. From guard, I can … … erm, what now? Oh, hey, there’s that sweep Kevin reminded me of. ‘K, is in mount. … … Wait, what do I do from here? I did try, here and on Kevin, a few deeper half-guard sweeps, and they did work, though I don’t even know exactly what I did. … … Yeah, no clue. The round finally ended, but Guillaume had been out of town last week and wanted to work more, so we played around for a bit longer. He tapped to a few things that, when asked, he said weren’t really choking/etc. Bleh.

Justin and Sundance did 100 kettlebell swings. I did 20 after them, 2 x 10. And that was plenty. … Uh-oh, is losing my strength. Grr.

Weekend Books

The Magician’s Wife, Brian Moore. Thumbs up, I suppose, though more tempted to give it a neutral rating. The writing was fantabulous, and the plot and pacing and all were fine, too. I even really liked the climax; I’d had one of those “Well, what if X happened?” moments, and the next chapter, it did, with a result that I hadn’t considered — but liked. But I just couldn’t seem to get that in to it for some reason and can only recommend it with an “Eh, it was okay.” *shrug*

Invasive Procedures, Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnston. Thumbs up. Based on a screenplay based a short story by OSC. Medical mystery/sci-fi (which, with my background, should be something I enjoy, but I don’t), with a bit of a horror vibe, especially in the second half. Did hold my attention, though, and even when I was creeped out, I had to keep reading. (Interesting note: the work they were doing is similar enough to something my former company is working on (and soon to start testing) that I actually knew exactly what was going on.)

What I’ve been reading today

(I apparently don’t know my “Save” button from my “Publish” button, and accidentally published this this morning instead of saving. *le sigh* It’s been a Monday and a half — and that was before lunch!)


2 responses to “This is your brain on Mondays

  1. Georgette says:

    I absolutely adore when the “kids” in our academy (age 13ish through 24ish) ask me what I’m studying in school, or where I’m going to college. When I tell them I’m almost 37, their eyes fall out and roll around on the mat. Unfortunately, their dad(s) hit on me then. Blech.

  2. leslie says:

    With two universities in two small towns, most of our students — and a good portion of the population around here — are college students. So I get asked everywhere what my major is. Before I cut my hair a few years ago, I used to get asked what grade I was in. And that was after I’d already graduated from college.

    Back when I started, even Perry (the owner & Krav teacher) and Tim (my instructor) both thought I was a lot younger. When I was training for the kickboxing tournament last year, Perry entered me and listed my age as 22 or 23. I laughed when he told me.

    I do love the look on the guys’ faces when they find out my age. 🙂

    (And *blech* is right. Glad I haven’t had that happen.)

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